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Splatoon 3 Is Up for Preorder: Here’s How to Get It

Are you ready to play your favorite game?

Splatoon started its journey in 2015 and it became very famous among the players with its interesting and vibrant colors and gameplay. What came after Splatoon’s huge success was a sequel receiving even greater success that was announced two years before its’ prequel release.

Splatoon was developed for Wii U by Nintendo and Splatoon 2 was developed for Nintendo Switch and was announced in 2017, exactly 2 years after the events of the final Splatfest in Splatoon. After Splatoon 2’s success, the players were excited about what comes next.

Splatoon 3 was already announced to be in production and now your wait is finally over. The game is finally available for preordering and here is everything we know about it so far:

What is Splatoon About?

Splatoon originally started as a third-person shooter video game but soon became a franchise of its own with great popularity among players and especially kids. The game is set on a planet like Earth but it is populated by anthropomorphic marine animals.

The characters in the games are Inklings based on squid and Octolings based on octopuses which can transform into humanoid forms at will. The game revolves around the battle between the two and the players are allowed to produce and shoot ink when they are in humanoid form.

Splatoon 3 Edition

The third installment of the franchise will bring players to a new place called Splatlands which features wastelands designed in a cartoonish way and it is supposed to be the home to paint battles of every kind.

The story part of the game will feature Agent 3 fighting against the Octarian army and a mention of the “return of Mammalians” has been mentioned in the game trailers. For the third game, Turf War will be coming back and players will be able to enjoy 4-on-4 battles and will also be given new moves for fighting.

How to Preorder?

Here is where you can buy the physical copy of the game:

  • Amazon – $59.99
  • Best Buy – $59.99
  • GameStop – $59.99
  • Walmart – $59.99

Here is where you can order the digital copy of the game:

  • Amazon – $59.99
  • Best Buy- $59.99
  • Nintendo eShop- not yet available

Players will be able to preorder the physical copies of Splatoon 3 all over the world however, the digital copies of the game are available only at selected places but they can be preordered at the above retailer websites.

Amiibo for Splatoon 3

Nintendo released many Amiibo for the game but as of now most of them remain out of stock. The third parties are selling it at a higher price. Here’s where you can get it:

  • Gamestop – $29.99
  • Amazon – $37.50
  • Walmart – $36.37

Are you excited to play Splatoon 3? Let us know in the comments.



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