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Could Spike Drop TNA Wrestling For WWE SmackDown In 2014?

WWE RAW and SmackDown could have new homes in 2014. Vince McMahon is looking for big buyers and one of those prospects could be Viacom and Spike TV. Is it time for TNA Wrestling to start worrying?

[adinserter block=”1″]Vince McMahon told investors last week that he was looking for big money in 2014 for his babies. Vince would like to see deals similar to recent sports network deals which saw ridiculous amounts of money thrown towards professional sports organizations from television networks. USA Network is unlikely to match those but Spike TV certainly could.

The interesting part about this story is that RAW and SmackDown could wind up on different networks. Today the WWE cannot put their programs on non-NBC networks but a new deal would open that up. What better pro wrestling show to piggyback Bellator on than SmackDown?

A dual punch of SmackDown and Bellator on Friday nights could be exactly what Spike needs for their inconsistent MMA promotion. SmackDown may not be the ratings grabber it once was but it is still a fairly consistent show which blows away TNA Wrestling numbers. Unfortunately for TNA that scenario would be the end of their run on Spike.

It’s funny because people make jokes all of the time comparing TNA to ECW and this is the exact scenario ECW faced which helped end the company. Spike signed WWE and cut ECW. There is zero chance that Spike would keep TNA if they signed one of the WWE programs. It is time for Dixie Carter to panic and stay scared until SmackDown winds up somewhere else in 2014.

What would happen to TNA if Spike dropped them? They have their international deals here and there but with only four pay per view events as it is they would be on serious life support. Unless TNA could pull a television deal elsewhere which seems unlikely the company would be in trouble.

Would the WWE cut a sweeter deal with Spike to get rid of TNA? Maybe but I don’t think the WWE sees TNA as any competition. At the same time I wouldn’t put it past the McMahon family to take a little less from Spike knowing that they are putting a nail in the coffin of Total Non-Stop Wrestling. Maybe Dixie should tweet her new friend Stephanie McMahon and ask her about it?

I would be real curious to see what kind of cross promotion the WWE would offer Bellator if SmackDown moved to Spike. Remember, the UFC and the WWE were on Spike at the same time and the WWE never had any UFC guys on their show or vice versa. I have to think that the WWE would not be nearly as accommodating as TNA is in helping promote Bellator. Would that be a deal breaker? It certainly could be.

This may also explain why Spike or Viacom haven’t offered any kind of a bailout to TNA or at least that we know of. Many are waiting for the day where Viacom buys into TNA the way they did with Bellator. It would make sense if not for the fact that it would close up any chance of negotiating with the WWE.

[adinserter block=”2″]Keep in mind that these are a lot of wild scenarios and none of this is to be reported as news. These are just my observations (and others) looking at the landscape of things over the next year. I would tell you this. Dixie Carter and Hulk Hogan should be worried more than ever about the future of TNA in 2014.

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  1. I don't see it happening for two simple reasons

    1. TNA is good for buisness. Call the McMahns what you want, just don't call them stupid. They saw what happen when they were the only ones, and I will bet real money that they don't want a repeat.

    2. Spike screwed WWE over. If you don't remember the last couple of episodes of raw on Spike, me and the Mcmahns do. Entering into a buissnes relationship with a company that has screwed not just you over, but the westling company before you, and is currently screwing over the westling company after you. It would be like going back to your brothers girlfriend who dumpt him for you, who then dumped you for your best friend.

  2. Eric,

    Besides ECW is this similar to the WCW situation where I believe, according to Eric Bischoff and others, the new owners of TNT and TBS did not want WCW on their channels and that is why WCW finally went under? Assuming what Eric Bischoff says is correct.


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