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South Korea Claims North Korea Launched a Missile that Failed Soon After Launch

If you thought that the war between Russia and Ukraine is detrimental to humans and resources, you probably forgot about the long-going tussle between South Korea and North Korea. Recently, a catastrophic action was done by Kim Jong-Un’s North Korea towards South Korea. The same was reported by the South Korean military officials.

According to the South Korean military, North Korea test-fired an unnamed “projectile” on Wednesday, which detonated shortly after liftoff. According to the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea, the projectile was fired from an airbase outside Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital. North Korea is already infamous for carrying away destructive projects including nuclear weapons.

North Korea was warned by United Nations several times for taking such steps that violate human rights and also deplete natural resources. Despite such warnings and huge condemnation by different countries, North Korea hasn’t put a bar on its actions. Such adhesive nature of North Korea can lead to future tensions between countries.

Talking about the recent action of North Korea, the missile was launched from a very famous airbase. Several launches have taken place at the airbase, including prior testing of what the US claims are intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs). It comes as North Korea has increased its nuclear tests in recent weeks.

“North Korea fired an unknown missile from the Sunan area about 09:30 today,” Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a statement. “It is suspected that it failed soon after launch.”

A site dedicated to specialized news Witnesses told NK News that they heard tremendous “blowing” sounds in Pyongyang, comparable to those of a huge airplane, followed by a loud “crash.” It went on to say that it had witnessed a picture of a red-tinged ball of smoke rising above the capital.

North Korea has fired unprecedented missile launches this year. It has already tested around nine missiles in just three months in 2022. According to Japanese public broadcaster NHK, a source from Japan’s Ministry of Defense described the projectile as a probable ballistic missile.

According to unidentified witnesses and an image of the test showing a red-tinted ball of smoke at the end of a zig-zagging rocket launch track in the sky over Pyongyang, debris fell in or near Pyongyang following the failed test.

“The report of a Sunan failure is troubling because of the potential for harm to densely populated civilian regions,” said Ankit Panda, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in the United States.

In 2017, a failed intermediate-range ballistic missile launched from another place landed into an industrial or agricultural complex in Tokchon shortly after liftoff. Several recent launches have taken place at the Sunan airport, notably on February 27 and March 5.

North Korea said the tests were for the development of components for a reconnaissance satellite. On the other hand, Seoul and Washington claimed they were testing a new ICBM system.



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