Sorting Out WWE Survivor Series 2015

Sheamus and Triple H Survivor Series 2015

Roman Reigns is still picking up the pieces of his shattered dreams. The hope of him becoming a long-term solution to an even longer problem seemed to have solved itself with a win at Survivor Series over Dean Ambrose.

And with one Brogue Kick, the solution turned into another complicated situation and cash in for Sheamus and his Money in the Bank contract. Should we expect all MITB winners to cash their briefcases in at pay-per-view events from now on, and should Sheamus be given the opportunity to become a long-term champion in light of how thin WWE’s roster is right now with injuries taking their toll on superstars and management?

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Reigns would have gotten over with the fans on Sunday night if he had speared Triple H, and then turned back the challenge of Sheamus. Beating three major superstars in one night would have given the former WWE World Champion instant credibility with the fans in Atlanta – who were about as excited about Reigns’ win as the Falcons losing earlier that day – and amped him up as a mega heavyweight in a field of middleweight contenders and also-rans.

WWE did not drop the ball on this one. We all expected it, but it was not as well played as it could have been. In essence, Vince McMahon got what he wanted without having to go to blows with Triple H over it. Reigns won, then lost. Sheamus became the new face of The Authority and claimed company gold.

See, this is what happens when you make your boss mad and won’t accept an offer to join the dark side.

Sheamus is the temporary solution to a long-range issue of which superstars can come back from injury or hiatus, fill the roster and keep the company moving once everyone gets to January.

The road to WrestleMania really began last night, and somewhere in that equation, Reigns must find his way again.

What happens now is anyone’s guess. WWE TLC is in three weeks. John Cena is scheduled to come back at some point around the PPV and whether he challenges Sheamus for the title and then finds Reigns leaning toward a heel turn is a strong possibility.

Hell, everything is a possibility now – the event finale is only 48 hours old. Fans are getting used to a pasty Ronald McDonald walking around with gold on his shoulder after jobbing the past month or so with Wade Barrett in tow.

Reigns’ situation isn’t the only one this company needs to answers.

What happens now to Dean Ambrose? Is this the best time for a feud with Kevin Owens?

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Does Alberto Del Rio wait for John Cena, and if Cena is not the man to challenge the man who beat him at Hell in a Cell, then who steps up? Could this be the right time for a Daniel Bryan return?

Would a return by Brock Lesnar be the right thing to do as well, where he wins the Royal Rumble and challenges Sheamus at WrestleMania 32, and sets up a rematch with Reigns for the title?

If anything, I just made Sunday night’s event look a lot more appealing and it only took about 25 minutes on a computer screen.

Ultimately, how will this affect Seth Rollins and his return to action sometime in August or September? Can someone say SummerSlam reunion party?

We all may not be in favor of what happened at Survivor Series, but we all had better respect it. Reigns lost the battle but can still win the war. We all know at some point he will be a champion longer than five minutes and will become the new face of this company. It’s a matter of time and placement. Until then, this is the hand we have been dealt. McMahon will play the cards at his leisure, hoping to score the best win for his company and for the return of superstars who can help WWE get back on track once again.

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