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Sony Might Reveal PSVR Launch Date During State of Play

Waiting anxiously for Sony to release a PSVR 2 pre-order deadline, there’s a good possibility we’ll hear regarding the VR headset shortly. As Tom Henderson tweeted, Sony has started sending out emails with the subject line “Introducing PlayStation VR2,” which might signal that a PSVR 2 State of Play or demonstration events is in the works for the virtual reality platform.

Sony may be preparing to offer players a much-needed delve into its newest Virtual reality headset, according to Henderson, who added that Greg Miller of Kinda Funny, as well as Jeff Grubb of GamesBeat, have also overheard identical murmurings about PSVR 2.

PSVR 2 Release Date

Sony has said that it hopes to introduce the PlayStation VR2 by the end of 2022, barring any supply concerns. Sony has yet to show us the headset in action, so it seems reasonable that they’ll organize a conference to offer us a decent view of what we can anticipate from the gadget and its peripherals. A PSVR 2 pre-order deadline & launch date announcement might also be made at this time.

But is it too soon for PSVR 2?

Oculus Quest 2 – or Meta Quest 2 as it’s now called – has made virtual reality headgear more mainstream than ever before, owing in part to its popularity. Due to the increased interest in virtual reality and the Metaverse from other businesses, PSVR 2 is more desired than it was when Sony released their initial VR headset in 2016.

While persuading consumers of the benefits of virtual reality may be a long way off for PSVR 2, the largest roadblock right now is a lack of readily available PS5 devices. This has led to a decrease in purchases and impetus for Sony’s PlayStation 5, while more easily accessible devices like the Xbox Series X|S as well as Nintendo Switch outperformed the PS5 in the United States in March.

If Sony can’t fix its PS5 production issues, PSVR 2 shipments will definitely decline. The more PS5 owners there are, the more likely PlayStation VR2 will be a blockbuster. After all, it’s a pricey accessory. To get consumers to buy its new product, Sony would have to make sure that it has enough tempting applications. A VR spin-off videogame inspired by Horizon Forbidden West is reportedly under development, and we anticipate popular games to have VR versions in the same manner as PSVR did.

If Sony announces a PSVR 2 State of Play, we bet they offer us an in-depth look at the headset, peripherals, and titles we can anticipate from the next system. However, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the release of the PSVR 2 pricing and pre-order time.



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