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Sons of the Forest Potential Release Date, Trailer, Gameplay, and Leaks

After the success of The Forest, Endnight Games’ next project, Sons of the Forest, is gaining a lot of buzzes. The developers of Sons of Forest are slowly releasing more details, but there is still a long way to go till the videogame is released. It is predicted that further material will be provided before the release of Sons of the Forest by Endnight.

Here’s everything we know about it.

Sons of the Forest Release Date

According to the publisher’s official Twitter account, the game will be published in 2022. In the aftermath of a plane crash, players will be stranded in an unfamiliar landscape. However, this isn’t your average forest. Strange, non-human creatures roam the woods, waiting to eat the last survivor they find there. As the sole survivor, it is your duty to investigate the mysterious forest while risking becoming its next victim.

Sons Of Forest Story

Although the title’s story has been shrouded in secrecy, a few tidbits have emerged. The monsters in this game are completely different from those in the previous installment’s terrible barbarians. Virginia’s presence in the Sons of Forest narrative is much more intriguing since she looks to be in a position where she doesn’t belong. Having Timmy as the narrator brings up a whole new set of storylines.

Timmy’s look at the end of the film suggests that his health has deteriorated as a consequence of his stay on the island. His biological anomaly may be to blame for some of the difficulties he encounters, but Virginia’s affection for him may have something to do with it as well.

Sons Of Forest Gameplay

The gameplay shown in the video is a taste of what the finished product will be like. The story starts with our character building a tent and a bonfire and then moves on to him making weapons and hunting equipment. On the journey to the woods, our hero is seen in a brief glimpse.

The tortoise is captured and eaten by the hero as part of the quest. Gamers can expect an expanded assortment of hunting gear and prey, just like in the original version. After that, the player is free to go on an adventure. There are a number of unpleasant scenes in the film, including a skewered body.

There is thereafter a sequence of confrontations involving characters versus strange-looking monsters. To scare players who aren’t courageous enough to confront them, various frightening animals have been presented in the teaser. Gamers would be able to utilize shotguns and handguns, as seen in the trailer.

Every title in the same category asks gamers to build a protective barrier around their home base, therefore gamers should do the same. In the last scene, a family is shown fending against an equally horrific foe. Sons of Forest’s teaser video shows off the game’s expansive open area.

These animals were spotted in caves and coasts. A facility of some kind was also seen in the footage.



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