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Solving the Seth Rollins WWE Puzzle

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Since his return from injury, it is fair to say that Seth Rollins has been a shadow of his former self. The former WWE World Heavyweight Champion is fast becoming nothing more than a spare part on RAW each week and aside from his teasing of reuniting The Shield, is really struggling to add anything to the WWE product. Compare Seth Rollins of 2015 to the Seth Rollins of now and they really are worlds apart. I really don’t think they know what to do with him and that is itself is worrying.

The main issue which I believe is driving this lack of appeal is that Rollins has no clearly defined gimmick. I mean what the hell even is Seth “Freakin” Rollins and what makes him any different to anyone else on the roster? You can’t get the fans to get behind you if you just blend in with the crowd and don’t add anything different. Upon Rollins return from injury the promotion had a great opportunity with the “Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim” brand, which for all intents and purposes had a great chance to be something. But that would only really work for a top babyface.

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Which leads nicely on to the next point and that is that they simply have to turn him one way or another to give the fans the opportunity to either get behind him or despise seeing him. One way or another they need to have an opinion on him and at the moment just sitting between the line is really doing nothing for him whatsoever. It is causing more confusion for the fans who don’t know whether to cheer or boo him.

I also think to help out Rollins this year the WWE need to move on from the “Shield reunion” which isn’t working out great for either Reigns or Rollins. It has been teased so many times and in my opinion they have missed the opportunity to execute it so lets just all agree to forget and move on. Fans find it hard to buy any relationship between the pair who have jumped between best friends/bitter enemies more times than I can care to remember.

Plus there is so much more opportunity for Rollins to really prove himself in 2017 as one of the top wrestlers on the roster without the need of Roman Reigns. Just look back to his very short lived run-in with Finn Balor who sadly got injured pretty quickly and has been sidelined ever since. That is a feud which could have some real mileage to it, pushing Rollins heel and having the pair compete to get themselves in a position to capture the Universal Title.

Likewise Rollins has a great opportunity to make something of his calling out of Triple H in the run up to WrestleMania. We all know that Triple H loves making the walk at Mania and if Rollins is able to really obsess over wanting that match it could certainly make for some exciting television. Imagine a programme in which Rollins goes to the end of the earth in search of Triple H, destroying everything in his way. That is how you get people caring.

Seth Rollins himself has never been the issue here and there is absolutely no doubting his physical ability inside the squared circle. The issue has been with the booking of him and the lacklustre meaningless feuds. The foundations have been laid for Rollins to have a strong 2017, we just need to hope that the WWE realise just what an asset they have on their hands and make more meaningful use of him.

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