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Inside The Wheelhouse: So long Kurt Who

Kurt WarnerKurt Warner, age 38, is calling it quits. In addition to being a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH, he was also the rarest of rare things in this age of all encompassing media: Kurt was a guy who TRULY took a professional sports league by storm. Kurt didn’t play his high school ball on ESPN; he didn’t come to the league with a 100 million dollar endorsement deal in tow. Not only was Kurt not drafted but he wasn’t even invited to the combine!

Kurt Warner played his college ball at Northern Iowa where he was able to parlay his on field success into a prolific career as a grocery bagger. There were stints in arena football and NFL Europe but it was mostly “paper or plastic” until the St. Louis Rams took a flier on him in 1998 and made him a backup to a couple of Big Guns named Tony Banks and Steve Bono. In 1999 the Rams signed Trent Green to be their starting QB only to lose him for the year to injury during the third pre season game. Coach Dick Vermeil actually wept at the press conference. (To be fair Vermeil wept at everything, he was the NFL equivalent of Glenn Beck, but sincere… I can’t imagine watching the Notebook with those two?)

[adinserter block=”1″]Kurt Warner stepped in the NFL, undrafted, uninvited, UNKNOWN. All he does his rookie year is throw 41 touchdown passes and lead a Rams team that managed 4 wins the previous season to their first Super Bowl Championship. Oh yeah, something about an MVP and a Super Bowl MVP as well. He would go on to win another MVP, make 4 Pro-Bowls, and become only the second QB to lead two different teams to the Super Bowl. In three Super Bowl appearances Kurt averaged 385 yards a game! If Tom Brady was the draft day steal of the century, then Kurt has got to be the undrafted equivalent.

I doubt if this will ever happen again because nowadays the “scouting services” are ranking every kid that moves so the odds of eluding their prying eyes are infinitesimal. Forget college. Forget high school. Draft experts are now eyeing pre-teens. I can just see it now “When we come back Mel Kiper will join us to take a look at the top 10 sonograms to watch in 2010!” Farewell to Captain Kurt, the closest thing to an overnight sensation we may ever have again. He played in 3 Super Bowls or, one more than some guy name “Fav-ruh.” Perhaps if Kurt un-retires and then retires and then un-retires and then retires and then throws a season ending interception three straight years he will get his due.

– How bad did Scott Boras piss off Brian Cashman by the way??? I’m sure by now you’ve heard that Boras’ client, Johnny “26 homer, great 2 hitter, single handed stealer of game 4 of the world series” Damon, who is also one of the best clubhouse guys EVER, got let go because the Yanks can’t afford him. The Yankees have a budget? Something tells me “budget” is Cashman for “Hey Boras, you douche, your lucky Hank Steinbrenner caved to you on the A-Rod extension or the two of you would be in Toronto for 18 million a year, demanding a trade right now.”

– I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to be writing this column because I’m almost certain I’m going to be the fifth starter for the METS this year. Who else do they have?

[adinserter block=”2″]- So we’re getting another season out of Jersey Shore….I thought Obama said we were a country that doesn’t torture? By the way I love those people from Jersey that take pains to point out that most of the cast isn’t from Jersey, as if that’s their states ONLY problem. That other shore where the senior citizens get bussed in toting oxygen tanks and social security checks isn’t a blemish at all…Shoot, Lady Gaga canceled on Atlantic City and something tells me that little troll whore would play the Staten Island Ferry if the dough was right

– I had Chris Carlin from SNY and previously WFAN in my cab the other day, talked a little NFL, most notably about my Oakland Raiders, we came to the conclusion that the only way for them to be good again is for Al Davis to die…I’m just putting it out there for you guys before I post the ad on Craig’s List…Carlin, by the way, was one of those people who pointed out the Jersey Shore cast wasn’t from there!!!! Cool dude, though, one of those people whose voice could make him sound like a dick but is definitely a softie…He’d probably play Santa at the holiday party…

– Also saw Mike Huckabee outside Fox News on 6th avenue and he is eating like he’s going to the chair-and not the host’s chair either…

– I’m still stuck on the Kurt Warner thing for some reason. The way I see it, the only thing that could keep him out of the Hall on the first ballot is his wife’s hair. But just to be safe Warner fans let’s destroy every copy of the game tapes from the Giant years…

– One week until Colts/Saints and I’m yet to find ANYONE who thinks the Saints can do this…that alone is reason for me to think they can but stay tuned as the pick will be out on Friday. I have to remind everyone I went 2-0 (Colts -7′ / +Vikings 3’) last week because my man Bower made a point to tell all of North America that I ate it on the Cowboys the week before. I didn’t even eat it, I drank it, the Cowboys got put in a juicer, and I was never in it…

– So Tim Tebow looked bad running a pro-style offense for a day and that’s supposed to be the end of the guy? How did Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman, to name a few, look after a FULL SEASON of running a pro offense? Just asking….

– I saw Miss Virginia win Miss USA last night with Rush Limbaugh sitting in as a judge. She was the only black finalist. I’m sure under any other President she would’ve lost but under the “socialist, Marxist, wealth redistributing administration” we have right now it only makes sense that she won. Can’t wait for his show Monday when he proclaims that he hopes she fails!!! Listening to Rush, Levin, Hannity, Savage, BECK, ya start to wonder if they really hate this Obama fellow or if maybe, just maybe, juuuuuussssssttttt maaaaayyyyyybbeeeeeee….they have to oppose every word he says because it’s good business. Juuuuuuuuussssssssstttttttt maybe, these ENTERTAINERS, are doing what’s best for their show and it’s, I mean their, bottom lines…

– The other day I heard Rush bitch that Obama is handling 911 like it was a crime…last I checked killing a few thousand people WAS AGAINST THE LAW in just about every state I know of, and while I didn’t find any laws that said it was illegal to steal a plane and fly it into a building, I’m pretty sure it’s frowned upon in most circles…

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