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Brett Favre VikingsWhat happens when your team turns a NFL Super Bowl contender to a Super Bowl pretender with one free agent move? You get Brett Favre, and the frustrations of last season’s Jets fans. If Brett Favre’s Minnesota Vikings debut is any indication of the future, then Vikings fans are in for a long season.

Brad Childress took a gamble and signed Brett Favre to the Vikings last week. Favre has had no mini-camp, no rigorous off-season rehab, and a torn rotator cuff. Oh yeah, Favre is also 39 years old. Favre finally made his debut and looked every bit of a 39-year old broken down quarterback that you’d expect. Even the biggest of Vikings’ fan has to be scratching his head on this one.

Favre finished his season last year with the Jets in embarrassing fashion. The Jets were eliminated at home from the playoffs against their rival Miami Dolphins. This was as big of a must-win./playoff situation as you get for an NFL team. Favre played miserably, throwing 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions. Is this the Brett Favre Vikings fans are getting?

There is something of a Favre-myth I have written about for the last few years. Favre has been an average to below average quarterback in his last 4 of 5 seasons. Favre had a tremendous season in 2007 for the Packers, but there was a huge difference. Favre underwent a rigorous off season program which he credited for his regular season success. Favre has not followed that program since then, thus we are seeing the old gunslinger at his worst.

Favre did play well for the Jets to start the season last year. However, Favre broke down and went back to his old erratic ways to finish the season. Favre talked in his press conference about leadership and how any of his teammates with the Jets would speak up for him. Apparently Favre has read any of the comments his old teammates have made since he left the Jets.

Thomas Jones said following the Miami game, “We’re a team and we win together … but at the same time, you can’t turn the ball over and expect to win … The other day, the three interceptions really hurt us. I mean, that’s just reality. If I were to sit here and say, ‘Oh, man, it’s okay,’ that’s not reality.” Jones went on to say that Favre should have pulled himself out of the game. Even Favre’s own teammate wanted him on the bench.

Another anonymous Jet said the following about Favre and his “leadership” qualities with the Jets. “He never socialized with us, never went to dinner with anyone,” the player said. Asked to describe Favre in a word, he said: “Distant.” – NFL Fanhouse.

Favre played his first Vikings game on Friday night. Favre played the first few snaps of a pre season game. Quite honestly, he looked awful. He looked slow and very erratic against the pass rush. I know it is pre season, but in his pre season debut with the Jets he led the team on a touchdown scoring drive. It is obvious that Brett Favre is too old and too hurt to be playing for a Super Bowl contender.

To make matters worse for Vikings fans, Tarvaris Jackson came in and had a hell of a game. Jackson had a qb rating of 158, and went 12 of 15 for two touchdowns and 202 yards. The Vikings signed Sage Rosenfels in the off season to compete with Jackson. Rosenfels is a very good quarterback who has the potential to be a breakout star in the NFL. Up until Favre’s signing the Vikings were looking very good at quarterback.

So why in the world would the Vikings toy with a good thing and bring in Favre? There is a good chance that the Vikings will lose Jackson who has a world of potential. Rosenfels will probably demand a trade in the off season. Unless something dramatically changes, I can’t see Favre making it through an entire season. The quarterback situation is in shambles but hey, now you can rub it in the faces of Green Bay Packer fans.

This has disaster written all over it and Packer fans couldn’t be happier.

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