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Six WWE Money in the Bank Winner Cash-In Scenarios

This year’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match is shaping up as one of the most anticipated in many years. There’s a strong possibility that we’ll get a winner that leads to a first time world champion and the sheer quality of the participants means we’re guaranteed a quality match.

WWE are capable of anything, we all know this to be true, so assuming that all six men could cash in for the title, what is the most likely scenario for them? So, mark this article down and be prepared to come back to it when one of these six predictions comes true!

Kevin Owens

Starting with the man who is the betting favorite to win the match, Kevin Owens as Mr Money in the Bank would not only fit him incredibly well, but would create a situation where he could realistically cash in as an opportunist at any moment. When does he cash in? Well Survivor Series 2016 is currently set to take place in Toronto Canada and can you imagine the thunderous ovation if Owens were to win the title in Canada? Sheamus cashed in on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series last year, so we know the WWE have no issues with the cash in taking place at the event. The only thing that might make this less likely is simply the timing of it. As we saw with Sheamus, Survivor Series is an awkward time to win the title with WrestleMania season around the corner. Owens would not be hurt by a few failed cash-ins and the longer he holds the briefcase, the bigger the ovation he’ll receive when he succeeds, no matter what brand he ends up on. Whether the champion is Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, John Cena or anyone else, Owens cashing in at Survivor Series is the most likely scenario for the prize-fighter.

Prediction: Kevin Owens cashes in on Roman Reigns at Survivor Series 2016 in Canada.

Dean Ambrose

This is the situation that will most likely take place full stop. Roman Reigns defeats Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank, but the rematch is set for Battleground. Dean wins the briefcase and Seth defeats Roman at Battleground via some shady means. Ambrose comes out, cashes in on Seth and wins the title. This sets up the main-event of SummerSlam with a triple threat match between the Shield brothers for the top prize in the company. This gives you your SummerSlam main-event in a way that’s logical and smooth and sets up a match everyone wants to see. Ambrose doesn’t need a lengthy tenure with the briefcase as he’s more than ready to win the title. The only thing counting against this is the brand split. Can the WWE afford to have all three members of The Shield on the same brand and if not, how will all three be drafted and will the triple threat be able to happen at all? Brand split aside, this is probably the most likely usage of the briefcase this year.

Prediction: Dean Ambrose cashes in on Seth Rollins at Battleground 2016.


Ambrose and Owens have the two linear cash-ins, but everyone else is going to require a little more creativity, starting with the Swiss Superman. Firstly, if Cesaro wins the briefcase, he should redesign the case as a slim, black-leather version to fit his suit. That would simply look awesome. As for when he should win the championship, this should be a longer term strategy. Cesaro should be drafted to SmackDown. The brand itself will need a few months in order to sort out its own inaugural champion and get that up and running, and you can use that time to get Cesaro into a main-event calibre feud that’ll make him ready for the title afterwards. The former United States Champion would benefit massively from a Dolph-Ziggler-style cash in after WrestleMania in front of a mostly European crowd. It’s the best possible result for Cesaro as it’s hard to see the WWE wanting to use him as champion heading into WrestleMania, but Cesaro would be perfect to carry the company coming out of it and he needs a heel champion to defeat in the process. Obviously, we have absolutely no idea what the SmackDown championship match for WrestleMania will be, but whoever it is, it should be a heel and Cesaro should cash in sometime soon after.

Prediction: Cesaro cashes in on SmackDown’s heel champion on the first show after WrestleMania

Sami Zayn

Zayn is in a similar boat to Cesaro, but is probably a year behind him development wise. If Sami wins the briefcase, which is very unlikely, he needs to hold it for a long time. Sami is not ready to be the main champion of SmackDown or Raw and if he does win, it’ll be interesting to see how he’s booked. Zayn is in the Daniel Bryan mould of underdogs and having the Money in the Bank briefcase clashes with that character as it gives him a massive advantage. So if Sami wins, expect a lot to go wrong for him. He might lose and have to win the briefcase back. He might have cash-ins thwarted by foes and anything that can help make him look like the underdog. Unlike Owens, Survivor Series doesn’t work for Sami and he should be held back from cashing in until the very last minute. If anyone has to wait until Money in the Bank the following year to cash in, it should be the former generic luchador.

Prediction: Zayn cashes in at Money in the Bank 2017 with seconds left on the clock for him to do so.

Chris Jericho

As the veteran of the bunch, Jericho could win the briefcase and cash in on the same night and it would be fine. It’s unknown how long he will be staying around with the company and whether he’ll be a part of the brand split, but if we’re working with the assumption that he wins the match, we have to assume he’s not going anywhere. As the third Canadian on this list, he’s going to have to go in the Sami Zayn boat of not being allowed to cash in at Survivor Series. It suits Owens because he’s a heel who his universally loved and it would make his career. Jericho is more of an old school heel who shouldn’t do anything that garners a positive reaction. This means his cash in would have to be after Survivor Series, which means Jericho would be the champion either at WrestleMania or just before it as Jericho probably won’t be the champion at WrestleMania – that just won’t happen. It’s hard to see Jericho carrying the briefcase around for too long and him still having it after WrestleMania next year seems impossible, so we’ve narrowed it down to probably sometime after Survivor Series, but before Fast Lane (because no one’s cashing in at Fast Lane).

Prediction: Chris Jericho cashes in at TLC 2016, but doesn’t take the championship into WrestleMania.

Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio winning would be the WWE’s way of punishing the WWE universe for complaining about Sheamus winning last year. There is nothing that would be more flattening, considering the other names in this match, than Del Rio winning. However, if he were to win, Del Rio would be in Jericho’s position where he could cash in whenever as he’s a former champion. Obviously, the WWE won’t want Del Rio as the champion at SummerSlam or WrestleMania, so the cash in would have to take place between those dates. Lock Del Rio in for a cash in at Night of Champions, losing the title at Survivor Series and leaving the WWE in a state of status quo.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio cas… never wins the briefcase, let’s be honest.

That’s all for this prediction, apologies if you didn’t want the cash-ins spoiled, but at least now you know what will happen! Will there be a seventh participant added to the match and who will walk out winner, send your predictions to @NicNegrepontis and @CamelClutchBlog on Twitter.

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