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Singer Tom Grennan Hospitalized After Being Attacked In New York City

English singer and songwriter Tom Grennan was reportedly subjected to be a victim of an unattended attack in New York. Tom was attacked outside a Manhattan bar that he visited that day. According to several reports, the attack was unprovoked and was not intended for Tom.

On Thursday, a robbery and attack happened outside the Manhattan bar. Unfortunately, Tom became the victim of that and injured himself badly. The 26-year-old singer has suffered from a ruptured ear. Apart from that, he has also torn his eardrum which is harmful to him in the future. Not only that Tom had a fractured jaw earlier that got even worse after the attack happened.

Doctors have revealed that Tom is under treatment and assessment as he needs constant care and attention. The doctors also assured that because he was immediately rushed to the hospital no fatal injuries have been incurred by him. However, the recovery will take some time as his ears are heavily affected.

John Dawkins, Tom’s manager has revealed that he is under constant monitoring but due to this unexpected incident, Tom has to cancel his further tours that were lined up this month. He also revealed that Tom had to cancel his show in Washington instead of the same. As soon as the news broke in fans and followers of Tom across the globe expressed their concern for him.

The root cause behind the same could be Tom’s history of attacks and injuries. This is not the first time that Tom has been a victim of such attacks. When Tom was 18 years old he was attacked by a group of strangers. That attack left him scars for life that he needs a metal plate and screw in his jaws forever. Tom has been quite vocal about his past sufferings.

The Brit Award winner has also released an official statement on his Instagram handle. He wrote, “Despite whatever happened Tom is in good spirits but needs a temporary recuperate”. Other musicians, celebrities, and fans have been sending comments since the statement was released late Thursday night, expressing their disbelief and wishing Tom a speedy recovery.

‘Holy f—k tom, I’m so sorry wtf that’s awful!!!’ wrote Becky Hill, the singer of ‘Run.’ ‘F—k sake, hope you’re okay dude x,’ wrote Sam Fender, while ‘We’re sending you so much healing, love, and great wishes for a rapid recovery,’ one admirer commented, while another added, ‘OMG I’m so sad to read this. There are still people in our world who are filled with hatred and feel compelled to vent it on someone else.

‘Little Bit of Love,’ his collaboration with Ella Henderson, ‘Let’s Go Home Together,’ and his most recent single, ‘Remind Me,’ are among his many hits. Tom is on our minds, and we wish him a swift recovery. Tom Grennan’s tracks can be heard on Hits Radio.



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