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Sin Cara Reportedly Will Return To The WWE

WWE is reportedly in panic mode with Sin CaraThe Sin Cara debate about whether he will or won’t be back is likely over. According to a new report, the former Mistico will indeed be returning to the WWE after being suspended for a Wellness Policy violation. Timing is everything and the timing was definitely on Cara’s side to give him another chance.

Once again Dave Meltzer confirmed the news on his podcast. Meltzer said that a decision has finally been made and Cara will be back. The news only confirms what most expected after Sin Cara was advertised on a WWE house show on August 20, the first day would be eligible to return from suspension.

[adinserter block=”2″] According to Meltzer and an obvious eye, Cara’s return comes down to the simple fact that they are low on Latino stars. With an upcoming tour of Mexico on the books in October, it would really make no sense for the WWE to cut ties with Sin Cara before you get your biggest return on your investment.

Meltzer also points out in his recent newsletter that Sin Cara sells more merchandise to WWE fans 5 and under than anyone else on the roster. The most shocking thing about that report to me is that parents are bringing kids five and under to see the WWE!

There are also rumblings about a proposed Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara WrestleMania 28 match. The match should get over huge for a variety of reasons, one of which would be the strong Latino crowd in Miami. This would also assume that the WWE will be re-signing Rey Mysterio which is something I have not heard confirmed anywhere. Rey’s contract will be up before WrestleMania 28.

[adinserter block=”1″]I liked Sin Cara and I have no problem seeing him get another opportunity. It seems rather ridiculous to fire a guy for his first Wellness Policy violation but hey, it is their company and they run it how they please. There were reports that the WWE brass were frustrated that Sin Cara wasn’t getting over as fast as they hoped. However, it did appear that he was turning a corner right before he got suspended.

Most of the time WWE superstars return from Wellness Policy violations and are punished or squashed briefly. I wouldn’t expect that here. They are paying Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde a lot of money and while they could squash him, they would only be hurting themselves. They just need to hope he clearly understands the Wellness Policy and will stay clean for the remainder of his tenure, or at least through WrestleMania.

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  1. I agree completely. Sin Cara did make a mistake, but why should he be punished more severely than other wrestlers who have made the exact same mistake? Hell, even Rey Mysterio got suspended for this, yet came back and was immediately pushed right back up the card. I also like Sin Cara, who botches moves far less than the internet would have you believe, and feel the guy deserves a second chance. Like I said, he made a mistake, but he paid the price and did his time. It's good that the WWE has come to their senses, as I think they'd lose a lot of money by firing him, not only here in the U.S., but Mexico as well.

    As for people bringing their kids under 5 to shows, I can't say too much about that as I actually took my daughter to many local wrestling shows before she even turned 2. Amazingly, she always did great at these shows, usually falling asleep and staying asleep halfway through. Plus, the wrestlers loved seeing her there. 🙂 I think it actually got ingrained into her as a result, as she watches the shows on TV with my wife and I every week now.


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