Update – Sin Cara Denies Steroid Use, Will Meet With Vince McMahon


WWE is reportedly in panic mode with Sin CaraIt didn’t take long for WWE superstar Sin Cara to go into full spin control. Less than a week after being suspended by the WWE for getting popped with a positive steroid test, Cara is talking to the Mexican media and is denying everything.

Here we go again. Another WWE superstar popped for steroids or some other WWE Wellness Policy violation that completely denies everything. We have been down this road before with Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Ken Anderson, and others. As a matter of a fact, I can’t remember the last time someone stood up and was accountable for their actions.

Sin Cara, the golden boy of the new head of WWE Talent Development Triple H is reportedly on his way out of the WWE. Several months after being signed to a lucrative contract and a hefty push, the former Mistico is reportedly days away from the seeing his name on WWE.com next to a well wishes post. That said, it should come as no surprise that he has taken to the media to defend what little honor he has left and attempt to save his job.

[adinserter block=”2″]Prowrestling.net has translated excerpts of Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde’s interview in Record Luchas on their website. Here are some highlights of the posted excerpts.

I know I’m not a drug addict, much less putting stuff in my body. I don’t know what could’ve happen. Apparently it was the medication. We’re going to wait to see what happens, because I don’t have a big body to be using steroids. If it had been for drugs, they would have fired me.”

What happened is I had a pain in my knee and they injected something into me. That’s what must have tested positive. Supposedly it was a steroid. A lot of medications have something them that make the testing come out positive.”

These are injections we normally use in Mexico. The pain has been in my knee and it’s the same knee that’s been giving me problems. That’s what made it positive. In Mexico I was told if they did a thorough testing it would test positive, but it’s nothing else bad.”

In other words Sin Cara couldn’t have used steroids because he wasn’t big. That may be one of the dumbest excuses I have ever heard for someone explaining a popped steroid test. There are plenty of steroids used for cutting that don’t necessarily make you “big.” Dynamite Kid was admittedly one of the biggest steroid users of the 1980s and he wasn’t what I would call “big.” If anything, he and Sin Cara have very similar bodies.

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He also used the classic “it was cortisone” excuse. The same excuse that Kurt Angle and other professional athletes have used who have gotten popped for positive steroid tests. Whether it was or wasn’t, he loses all credibility with me due to his statement about being big.

Sin Cara also reportedly was given ample time by the WWE to get a doctor’s note for the Wellness Policy violation. Reportedly he did not, which is why his suspension was delayed. Sin Cara was originally popped for the positive test in June.

He also mentioned in the interview that he was having a meeting on Thursday with Vince McMahon to discuss his future. To be a fly on the wall in Titan Towers today! The WWE generally posts “future endeavored” stories on their websites on Fridays. I would be more surprised if there isn’t anything on their website tomorrow than if there is.

I think it is fair to say that the Triple H era of Talent Development has gotten off to a terrible start. Sin Cara and Kharma were his first two big signings. Kharma gets pregnant a few months after she starts on the active roster and Sin Cara has been a struggle since day one. I will give him pass on Kharma because how should he be responsible for something like that, and she was over before she left.

[adinserter block=”1″]Sin Cara is a bit of a different story. A lot of mistakes were made with him early on that impacted his future with the WWE. The lights made it more difficult for guys to work with him. He was rushed to the main roster without spending any time adjusting to the WWE style or even learning English. They didn’t have anyone ready to work with him to the point that they were just recently out scouting talent outside of their company to work with Cara and get him over. Finally you have the first Triple H signee likely fired for a positive steroid test which is maybe the most ironic story of the decade.

I was a big fan of Sin Cara before and during his WWE run. I just thought he needed more polishing with the WWE style and was brought up to the main roster a bit prematurely. I’d love to see him stick around because it seems a bit harsh to be fired over a positive steroid test.

Unfortunately those things happen when you fail to produce on a million-dollar contract and when you play with fire, sometimes you get burnt badly.

Record Luchas also has audio of the interview on their website, but it is all in Spanish.

Update: The interview has been pulled from Record Luchas. The WWE are reportedly very upset over the interview.

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