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Sidelined No More: It is the Usos’ Time Now in WWE

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On WWE Smackdown Live this week, the Usos not only confronted The New Day, but with fiery passion they laid down the facts in response to the four time-tag team Champions. By the time Jimmy Uso was done venting his frustration, fans applauded and cheered for the twin brothers.

It was a promo years in the making for The Usos. There was no white lie behind those words as Jimmy vented out their frustrations of being held back by the company. Everything he said was true; they were sidelined in favor of other talents year after year. They put in their time and hard work despite that. I remember back in 2013 when they were facing The Shield at the Money in the Bank pre-show. With Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, The Usos tore the house down in one of their best matches.

The heel turn was something that has done incredible wonders for the Usos. 2017 was no doubt the year of The Usos, who are producing their best work in their almost decade long career. Their feud with the New Day was one of the hottest rivalries of the year which led to the infamous rap battle and a huge match at Hell in a Cell. The brothers have certainly come into their own both in the ring and on the microphone.

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The rivalry with the New Day has been renewed once more, but now with the threat of the Bludgeon Brothers proves to be a challenge for both teams. The Bludgeon Brothers have been tearing up Smackdown Live as of late, and with WrestleMania around the corner this interesting scenario could prove to be beneficial for all the teams involved. Like the Usos, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan have been trying to find their place among the roster since the collapse of The Wyatt Family.

If there is a possibility of a triple threat match brewing for Mania, then there is more at stake than just the Smackdown Tag Team Championships. With the New Day being only hosts for WrestleMania last year and the other two team’s journeys, each team has something to prove on the grand stage in New Orleans. It’s about seizing the moment and taking full advantage of the opportunity that looks to stand before them.

But perhaps no one has more to prove than the Usos. They also have a responsibility to uphold their bloodline as being heirs of the Samoan Dynasty. If they can put on great performances on all the pre-shows and certainly big events such as Hell in a Cell, imagine what they can do when they are on the main card for WrestleMania. I’ll argue that no one deserves that more than Jimmy and Jey Uso. Their hard work and dedication to the tag team division absolutely should be rewarded. What better way than to immortalize their best work than to give them their long overdue chance to be a part of the WrestleMania main stage.

The Usos were overlooked, underestimated and sidelined for so long. Like Jimmy said, it’s their time and this time, no one is going to stop them. They’re staying off the bench and heading out to the field of dreams.

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