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Shtisel Season 4 Might Be Happening; Here’s What You Need To Know

Shtisel Season 3 premiered in March 2021 on none other than Netflix. And fans have been looking forward to watching Shtisel Season 4 ever since.

Shtisel is an Israel tv-series revolving around an extreme-orthodox Jewish family. Ori Elon created the show, with Yehonatan Indursky as the writer. The series premiered on Yes Oh on June 29, 2013.

The last season of Shtisel, i.e. season 4, came out in May 2019. After which, we are still waiting for season 4 of this epic drama. But what do we know about the release date, cast, and plot of the series? The answer to such questions lies in this article.

Release Date of Shtisel season 4

The series premiered in Israel on Yes Oh! on June 29, 2013. Following its success in its home country, Netflix acquired the series for its global audience. On December 15, 2018, the show premiered on the streaming platform.

We all are eagerly waiting for the fourth season’s release. However, there is no official news from the show creators about the release or cancellation of season 4. Therefore, fans can expect Shtisel season 4 to release sometime between late 2022 to early 2023.

But, there is also some good news for the fans. There will be an American version of Shtisel soon. Lauren Gussis, the creator of Insatiable, wrote the American version of Shtisel, which Oscar-winner Kenneth Lonergan directed.

The Cast of Shtisel Season 4

We can pretty much expect our main cast to return for their roles in the next season. The main cast includes:

1. Shulem Shtisel, played by Dov Glickman
2. Akiva, played by Michael Aloni
3. Giti, played by Neta Riskin
4. Zvi Arye, played by Sarel Piterman
5. Nukhem, played by Sasson Gabai
6. Libbi, played by Hadas Yaron

The plot of Shtisel Season 4

Shtisel is about the narrative of a Jerusalem Haredi family. Shulem Schtisel, a father with a large family, is coping with his youngest brother, whom he wishes to marry as soon as possible. His daughter, Giti, is secretly suffering from marriage troubles, while his other son is attempting to mend things.

At the end of season 3, we saw how Nukhem and Shulem have worked out some of their differences. Also, when Ruchami and her kid are fighting for their lives, Lippe swears to make amends and mend his ways.

Before leaving, Shulem gives Akiva and Nukhem a few moments of his time. We can see that Akiva has accepted Racheli as a part of his life. In season 4, we can expect some more harmony between brothers. However, the remaining tension might create some more disturbances in the future.

Also, we might get to the audience how Giti and Lippe resolve their issues, as well as whether Lippe keeps his word. We’re still waiting to see how Yosa’le’s romantic life unfolds.



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