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Should WrestleMania Be on NBC? – Downtown with Darsie

Should Vince McMahon bring WrestleMania to NBC?From time to time I have a great idea (comes few and far between), but most of the time I have wild ideas that simply don’t pan out. Could this idea be one of them? Who am I to judge, or question, my own ideas? That’s why I’m putting them down into written word, for y’all can read, and answer for yourselves, as I have, should WrestleMania be on NBC?

Before I get into why I think WWE WrestleMania should be on NBC (reasons should be clear, but I’ll take time out to answer that), let me give out reasons why I’m asking the question. I was pondering a little during little of the Super Bowl that I watched this year, why isn’t WrestleMania on a basic station, like the Super Bowl, for all to see, and Vincent Kennedy McMahon charging an arm, a leg, and a snow plow charge, for commercials during his Super Bowl?

[adinserter block=”2″]So I emailed Eric Gargiulo and we both kicked around pretty much the same idea, probably for the first couple of years, McMahon would be losing a lot of money until people start to catch on that this could be a good idea. So what would cause McMahon to move WrestleMania off of pay-per-view to basic television, with advertisers “laying the Smackdown” on each other’s “candy a**es” for commercial time? To sum it up, dropping buyrates, enough, to cause McMahon to consider new ways to make his creations could draw in cash into his wallet.

Before I go further, why NBC? NBC is owned by Universal, which also owns the SyFy network and the USA network. Most of the series WWF/WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event was on NBC, so why not put the biggest show on the same station that WWE has been on for all of those who don’t have any kind of cable TV? For those who ponder why I mention that, my own Mother doesn’t have cable television, so it would be nice for her to watch WrestleMania, if she wishes. Thank you.

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After that brief detour, let’s get back to the original question that I proposed. Could it work if WrestleMania would be on NBC? I’m sure after a few years; WWE would be making their money back. People would be exposed to the business, and they could be sucked in again (if they were fans before). Could this cause another boom in the wrestling business? I’m sure it would. Look at football and the Super Bowl, even baseball and the World Series, those two respected sports caught America’s eye for a season (or seasons-meaning more than one year).

[adinserter block=”1″]Philosophical Corner: Could this work? I’m sure it can. Do I want to see this happen, and work? Oh heck yes I do. It’s just a matter of if Vince McMahon would want this to happen. I can see this bringing in more fans into watching WrestleMania and I can see this peaking more people’s interest on wanting to watch WWE. After a few years, who know, having Mania on NBC could bring in new fans into the business and more money in the pocket of Mr. McMahon.

We all know people get happen, especially the evil character of Mr. McMahon, get more money. In words of Mr. McMahon and the Million Dollar Man, it’s all about the money! I’m Eric Darsie from St. Cloud, Minnesota, heading out to read some of Ted Sider’s “Four Dimensionalism,” signing out!

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  1. McMahon would never make money back on this deal. Raw is during certain weeks the No. 1 show on cable and gets a good share of the male audiences that advertisers like, but the ads on the show are low-rent. Attempts to revive Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC flopped, and I'm sure the network is still smarting from the XFL losses. Yes, Mania on NBC would get a larger audience than it does on PPV, but even if it got 10 million people to watch, would it be that impressive compared to the cost of putting on the show?

    • Saturday Night's Main Event was a drop because WWE tried to redo something that worked in the '80's in the 2000's. If we would try to do the same thing now, like 2 out of 3 falls, hour time limit matches for every main event match, couldn't you be bored of watching it after, let's say, six months? XFL was a drop as well, yes, but it was something Vince wanted to try that American culture didn't grab because they were in love with the NFL and no one can take her NFL away.

      Your point of ten million people watching, I am no person to respond to your statement, but if WWE could pull in more numbers to watch Mania on NBC than ever before on PPV, wouldn't that say something? Wouldn't it say something to keep them in to watch the whole time, and them texting/calling their friends to turn it on, and gain more of a audience over the four hours (or however long) than at the start, wouldn't that be a success? Just a thought.

  2. I have mixed opinions on this subject. I would say firstly that right now is a terrible time for this to take place. Right now, Mania is one of the only things that causes WWE to turn a profit for the year. If you take that away, you put WWE in a really tough position financially for a long time. I say a long time because wrestling has never been able to pull big money advertising, save for the brief time during the attitude era when they were pulling in Chef Boyardee and the like. I don't when, if ever they could get the advertising that a regular season NFL game gets, let alone the Super Bowl. Lastly, it would be extremely unlikely that NBC would give WWE a whole night of primetime like they do for the Super Bowl.

    Remember: The Freaks Come Out at Night,

    • Troy,

      Do you think if WWE quits with the gimmick pay-per-views and look at what draws in fans and capitalize on that, do you think that would help bring in more money for them? And if they do that (like the olden days), and they start bringing in more fans and making more of a profit, would it be more of a likely possibility of WrestleMania going on NBC?

      You mention that wrestling's never been able to pull in big money advertising, why do you think that is? If Vince tries to get regular advertisers, do you think that would help? What if Vince creates a whole new department to simply work on advertisers (they do have Mattel), and after a couple of years when they have enough profit, finally put Mania on NBC, would you approve?

      Finally: Let's Do the Butt,
      Second Finally: You should come up during Spring Break (if our spring breaks fall at same time) for we can hang again,



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