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Should The UFC Bring Back The Superfight Title?

Long ago in an MMA era far, far away the UFC recognized their best fighters with the Superfight championship. Superfights were based on business as opposed to sport. Recent events have suggested that it may be time for the UFC to revisit the defunct title.

[adinserter block=”2″]It has become clearer by the month that the UFC is more interested in booking the fights that are best for business as opposed to booking the fights that are best for sport. Chael Sonnen will be getting a UFC title fight without a win in the division, Frankie Edgar will be getting a title fight without a win in the division (both off of losses), Alistair Overeem will be getting a title fight coming off a drug suspension, Nick Diaz would have gotten a rematch with Carlos Condit if not for a suspension, and the UFC middleweight champion wants to fight everyone but his top contenders. None of this makes sense when it comes to championships which is why it may be time to go back to the Superfight title.

A Superfight title would immediately quiet any criticism over the match-making and justify fun, yet illogical fights. How could you argue about Chael Sonnen fighting Jon Jones if it were simply for a Superfight championship? You can’t. The Super Fight title would be perfect for someone like Anderson Silva who is more interested in money fights than legitimate title fights. It really isn’t that dumb of an idea if you think about it.

How would it work? By the old standards of the UFC the Super Fight title would be won and defended against tournament winners. That won’t work today. What they could do is create a winner takes all title where the winner leaves as champion until the next Superfight. The Superfight title doesn’t have to necessarily be defended. It would be recognized as a prize, like the K1 Grand Prix title. There weren’t even weight limits attached to the old title, although they would need to abide by catch weights at the minimum today. The fights would be based on nothing more than matching up the fights that people wanted to see. It kind of sounds like the current UFC business model doesn’t it?

I am not saying to get rid of championships. The UFC should continue to sanction title fights by weight classes. However, a champion in that weight class should not be defending that title against a challenger who didn’t earn the title shot. Champions can either vacate their titles when they achieve the drawing power to warrant a Superfight or take Superfight between their title defenses like Anderson Silva would like to do. Not all champions are superfight material, which makes this the ideal situation for everyone.

[adinserter block=”1″]It isn’t perfect but the Superfight title is a great way to justify these ridiculous fights that have been booked lately. Booking these illogical title fights is fun in the interim, but the UFC is devaluing their titles over the long haul. Why are people going to care about champions and titles that aren’t recognized the same way they are in other sports? The answer is that people won’t, and that is why the UFC should consider separating these odd fights from the real championship matches immediately with the superfight title.

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