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Should The WWE Re-sign Rob Van Dam?

[adinserter block=”1″]It’s been a few months now since the former WWE and ECW champion Rob Van Dam returned at Money in the Bank. Recent reports are that Van Dam’s contract is up and while the WWE are hoping to re-sign them, is he worth it?

According to a new report in the Wrestling Observer newsletter, Rob Van Dam’s contract is set to expire. The report indicates that the WWE are trying to sign the former champion to a new deal. Interestingly enough it is Van Dam who is holding out and according to Dave Meltzer, WWE brass aren’t happy.

As far as the story behind the burying of RVD on Raw on 9/23, that was the internal reaction to him because he hadn’t signed a new contract yet, or at least hadn’t as of press time because it’s not a Ken Anderson, Mickie James thing where the odds are he’s done.

Meltzer also points out that Van Dam’s contract expires October 1, yet he has signed an extension to work through Battleground. The quick run for Van Dam would end abruptly at Battleground if he were not to sign a new contract. It would be one of the fastest hype jobs for a new WWE signee that I can remember in a long time.

I first wrote about Van Dam’s return to the WWE back on June 17 right here in the blog. I wasn’t a fan. I pointed to his run in TNA Wrestling and cited how Rob looked old and unmotivated. Was it age or was it TNA? I didn’t know then but what I did know is that I didn’t see him fitting into the current dynamic of the WWE.

I was wrong. Van Dam fit in perfectly well. I never for a second noticed Rob taking a night off or phoning it in as I had several times in TNA. Van Dam worked his butt off and really put a heck of an effort out there in his matches, specifically at Money in the Bank. Van Dam still had it and while he’d noticeably slowed down, it wasn’t anywhere close to what I’d watched on Thursday nights.

That said, his run was pretty underwhelming. I don’t blame him entirely for it nor do I completely blame the WWE. How much can you invest in a guy that only signed a three month contract? Once I saw the reaction he got in the Money in the Bank hype video I suggested they put him over. Ironically RVD was hyped and promoted before he returned to the WWE in vignettes better than he was when he actually returned and got in the ring.

[adinserter block=”2″]I think with John Cena out and a thin roster of top babyfaces these days that the WWE really need to do everything they can to keep Van Dam around. He is a known entity and still has a pretty loyal cult following. There is still money in a Cena rematch and maybe even a lengthy feud with CM Punk or Randy Orton. The bottom line here is that there is more they could do with him and a new contract may give them the motivation they need to do it.

Sign the man!

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