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Shinsuke Nakamura Wins and a Few Thoughts on WWE SummerSlam

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WWE did the right thing. In putting Shinsuke Nakamura over in a match with John Cena, the New Era of the company continues to march on. My only concern is the move, which should end the reign of Jinder Mahal, may not be best for this pay-per-view. SummerSlam would be the perfect place for John Cena to once again defend Old Glory and take the WWE World Title from Mahal. I’m a bit confused what happens next for the 16-time world champion?

Nakamura’s rise is a bit surprising given two average feuds with Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin before to the main event picture. The tease of a feud with AJ Styles excited the masses, leading us all to believe history would relive itself. Styles’ current feud with Kevin Owens is the best program in the company today. If WWE is bent of pushing a feud through with Mahal, the company had better book Nakamura better, give him a platform that allows his ability to shine regardless of his poor mic skills.

The ending of the match Tuesday night leaves the door open for Cena, who still needs a dance partner in Brooklyn. Somehow, I see a confrontation with Corbin out of necessity, not because it adds fan interest.

Should Nakamura win at the pay-per-view, how long will he wear gold? Does this set up well for the feud with Styles? Who jumps in the ring as Mahal’s next opponent?

The Lesnar Position

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Now that we all know Brock Lesnar will leave WWE if he does not win the Fatal Four Way match at Summer Slam, is it a given the current Universal Champion leaves after a loss in Brooklyn with his advocate Paul Heyman in tow?

WWE has built this match – with Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe – as the best thing going aside of Owens and Styles. There is no doubt the company needs an everyday champion, which the three challengers can provide. However, the build of the match and the booking of all three contenders has been compelling, one of the few times the champion need not be available.

The beauty of Lesnar’s position is fans know the rumors of Lesnar leaving the company to pursue another run with UFC is enticing. And for WWE to lose both Lesnar and Heyman in one night could be suicide. Heyman is still gold on the mic, with or without Lesnar by his side. Could the outcome of the evening in Brooklyn prove Heyman walks out with the champion – whomever that might be?

Cashing In

After watching the tag team match between Carmella and Natalya versus Becky Lynch and Naomi, I have a few thoughts.

I see a title match at SummerSlam where Naomi drops the SmackDown Women’s Title and Carmella cashes in her Money in the Bank contract and defeats Natalya. If there is going to be a swerve of any kind, this might be the one. This leads to a feud between Carmella and Natalya, who helps put the neophyte over even more with WWE’s fan base.

The storyline amongst the women on Tuesday nights has developed nicely, where WWE has been able to build a storyline for their five major performers. Charlotte hasn’t benefitted from these storylines, but she has helped to grown the brand. The former Raw Women’s Champion is better served as a heel, but Carmella’s strong style (no pun intended) is perfect for this group. Much like Alexa Bliss on Monday’s she is the black widow who will win despite her diminutive size.

WWE has a real chance to build something special here.

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