Sheldon Brown got the idea to holdout off of the Philadelphia Eagles website


Sheldon Brown has been a model-citizen and team leader for the Philadelphia Eagles for seven seasons. Brown is demanding a new deal or a trade with no exceptions. What would inspire Brown to uncharacteristically speak out against his team? Brown says he got the idea off of the Philadelphia Eagles own website.

I had to laugh when I heard Brown interviewed on 610 WIP this morning. Angelo Cataldi asked Brown about his sudden demands for a new deal. Brown responded that he got the idea off of an article he read on the Eagles website. Leave it to Dave Spadaro to help run one of the NFL’s best players at his position off of the team.

Brown is currently under contract until 2012. Brown signed a six-year contract that he signed back in 2004. He signed an extension and received a signing bonus of $7.2 million. Brown is set to earn $2 million this year. Brown has been the ultimate team player. Brown has never missed a game and played an entire season injured.

Brown wants a new deal. Brown said he came to the Eagles to renegotiate last season and they told him that they only renegotiate with players who have two years or less to go on their deals. Brown was fine with that until he read a recent article on the Eagles website. The article – “When It Came To Peters, The Price Was Right” can be read by clicking here.

The quote in question is this, “The Eagles contacted the Bills last year regarding Peters and at the time the Bills wanted to work the situation out.” Peters had three years left on his deal. This statement off of the Eagles’ own website contradicts everything that they tell their own players. So much for only renegotiating players with two years or less on their deals.

I remember thinking almost the exact same thing when the Peters deal went down. I didn’t know that they tried to get Peters last year. I thought that it was interesting that the Eagles are willing to renegotiate with a player on another team, yet balk anytime someone from their own team makes a demand. I think this is one is just beginning. “Without a doubt there are going to be more problems,” Brown said on

I think Sheldon Brown is absolutely right in this situation. I am not a big proponent of players renegotiating in the middle of a deal, but there are exceptions. Teams ask players to restructure their deals all of the time. Asante Samuel will earn $10 million this year with bonuses. Brown has every right to be mad and ask for a new deal in my opinion.

Finally, how irresponsible of the Eagles to stir up this hornet’s nest in the first place. What did they think was going to happen when players got wind of this? It is one thing to hear it from a reporter, but to hear it on your own team’s website is very insulting. The Eagles have nobody to blame but themselves and “Spuds” for this mess.

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  1. I agree Brown should be pissed about others getting more $$$. he's been a great teAm player.

    However, he's out of his freakin mind demanding a trade and threatening to make trouble. he's lucky he doesn't get his ass benched just for that. Nobody is above riding the bench, not McNabb, Not TO. and certainly not a Non-pro-Bowl caliber back.

    And the other aspect, what about that signing bonus? is he going to give a pro-rated amount of that back? probably not. but he sure took it.

    I'm sick of the whiny NFL players and their poor situations with thier contracts. I'd love to get a 5million dollar signing bonus on my next job.. and then have the balls to demand more after 3yrs. Wow. What Arrogance. all of em…

    • Hey man thanks for the reply.

      You make some great points. You are right about the signing bonus. I also think that nobody forced him to sign the extension a few years back.

      At the same time, I can understand where he is coming from. I do agree that players come off whiny in these situations. However, the Eagles have plenty of money to spare. If there is anyone else on the team who deserves it more, I don't know who that would be.

      Thanks again.


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