Sheamus: Real Deal or Transition WWE Champion?


WWE SheamusSheamus is WWE Champion. It hasn’t even been a week since he won the belt from John Cena, and yet I already have questions. Did he win the belt because the higher ups felt he’s ready? Did he win because he is Triple H’s workout partner? Or did he win so he can be another footnote in the book of champion’s past? I’ve been pondering this situation since he won at TLC, and I have come to my conclusion.

What a way for a young talent to make his name made. Sheamus is undefeated on WWE Raw this far, (he did lose cleanly to Goldust on ECW) and in a matter of weeks, he has gone from no one to someone. I get a legit Brock Lesnar feel to this guy, in the following way. When Brock first showed up on WWE TV, he simply beat the hell out of everyone, and was unstoppable. Sheamus shows up, is destroying everyone in his path, and now he’s on top of the covenant WWE mountain. I feel his work ethic has helped him get this far so quick, and I know his gimmick is a much needed breath of fresh air for the wrestling fans young and even old. Did they jump the gun, or are they taking the Randy Orton road with The Celtic Warrior?

[adinserter block=”1″]I hope they do go the Orton road here. When Randy won the belt the first time, his reign lasted approximately one month. He kept at it, and now Randy Orton is a legit force to be reckoned with. I feel someone such as Sheamus, deserves a push like this. I also hope for his sake, this isn’t a one and done for Mr. Merchandise John Cena to get his title back. The WWE needs a serious competitor for the top prize, and he’s wearing it as of this writing. Many people have argued since he won that he’s not over, he has no heat, etc. I disagree. Watch him over the next couple weeks, and I will say he will get some serious heat. If people on the internet are saying he’s not ready, and all these other things, Sheamus has done his job in getting people to talk.

[adinserter block=”2″]So, what is my conclusion? I say Sheamus is getting ready for a long time role in the main event, belt or not. He is the type of character where he wins the belt, can lose it a month or more later, and get it back by running through competition old school style for a belt. Think of the matches he can have: A Sheamus vs. Randy Orton could be a tremendous match. Sheamus vs Big Show, or even a great match with someone like Ted Dibiase. Kofi Kingston could also be a fun feud, if you give it time. That is what we, WWE watchers and followers, need to do. Give this young man time. Sheamus may not seem like the right answer to some, but he is going to Brock Lesnar himself into a huge role, and can go down as a great asset to this company. The Celtic Warrior. The first Irish WWE Champion. Sheamus, he’s here, and going nowhere fast.

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  1. Good observation, and great inside info (Sheamus being Triple H's workout partner) BooDog, that seems like a logical progression. I foundmyself wondering the same thing Sheamus as WWE Champion? How do they choose the champions anyway?

  2. I agree with most of your article about why they made Sheamus champion, but the main reason is much simpler: They had to get the belt off Cena before the Royal Rumble, so he can compete in the 30-man match. Cena will win the Rumble, then challenge Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Being a Cena hater and Undertaker fan, this scares me. I can easily see Vince deciding to end Undertaker's Wrestlemania streak against Cena.


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