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Shawn Michaels Returning To WWE RAW

Shawn MichaelsAmidst one of the more disappointing WWE RAW Supershows in awhile, there was a bit of good news revealed. John Laurinaitis broke the news that arguably the greatest performer in WrestleMania history, Shawn Michaels will be returning to the WWE on RAW.

The Heartbreak Kid will make his first of likely several appearances through WrestleMania 28 on the February 12, 2012 edition of RAW. Laurinaitis told Triple H that Michaels would be on RAW next week. Hunter acted surprised. Nonetheless the WWE Hall of Fame superstar is back.

Michaels will begin what will likely be a role in the upcoming Triple H vs. The Undertaker WrestleMania 28 rematch. It is expected that Michaels will wind up as a special guest referee for the match. The betting line seems to be that Michaels will begin the storyline next week by attempting to talk Hunter into taking the match.

I am excited for the rematch but thus far, the storyline is like something out of TNA Impact. The Undertaker wants vengeance on Triple H for a match…that he won! I would think that Hunter would be the hunter (no pun intended) here, looking for that elusive win. Instead, Triple H doesn’t want to injure The Undertaker and is doing him a favor by not accepting the match.

Regardless of the suspect storyline, Shawn Michaels has an uncanny way of making these kind of goofy ideas actually make sense. He took one of the most ridiculous storylines towards the end of his career with JBL and actually made it work. If there is anyone that can bring this thing together to make even a little bit of sense, I think it is the Heartbreak Kid.

I also really like the idea of Shawn Michaels acting as guest referee, if that is where this goes. You have a conflicted Michaels who hates The Undertaker, loves his best friend, but may not want to see someone other than him end the streak. Yes it is very soap opera-ish, but I like it.

Michaels will make several appearances throughout the WrestleMania 28 build. I wouldn’t expect him to see him on Monday nights every week, but I think you’ll get a healthy dose of the Show Stopper. Between Michaels and The Rock, I think you are guaranteed to see some great RAW episodes leading up to the big night in Miami.

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