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Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em NFL Week 3

Joe Flacco By now im sure we have all settled in to our Fantasy Football seasons. We have a pretty good feel for who will show up for us on a weekly basis and who needs some close attention. Ok so “The Shark” may not nail it every week, but you have to admit some good advice comes from the weekly “advice column”. So, without any further delay here is this weeks installment of my personal start em or sit em, also known as “Flash and Crash”



Eli Manning, Giants at Tampa Bay

Whether we want to believe it or not, Eli Manning is off to a pretty good start this season, and what better way to celebrate that then to visit this woeful Buc defense. Tampa has been shredded by Tony Romo in week 1 and Trent Edwards in week 2. With guys like Steve Smith and Mario Manningham stepping up in New York, Manning is becoming a better option week in and week out. Expect at least 2 TDs from Eli this week.

Matt Schaub, Texans vs Jacksonville

After seeing Schaub last week against the Titans i’m a believer again. Ok so he flubbed in week one, then again so did Tom Brady against those same Jets. When you can get the ball to Andre Johnson, you have to be a top consideration most weeks. Schaub is finding the weapons, and the Jags defense watched Kurt Warner break an accuracy record last week. Schaub won’t be quite as perfect, but to think he will throw 3 TDs this week is not crazy.

Joe Flacco, Ravens vs Cleveland

I sure hope Flacco doesn’t read Flash and Crash. I will admit I have not been Flacco friendly and he has made me pay for it. Does not seem to matter that he has an average WR group. He finds men down field, is using Todd Heap well, and he has a great 3-headed monster rushing attack to open the field. This week he sees “Man-Gina”(my new nickname for Man-Genious) and the very sad Browns. If Kyle Orton can get a couple then you can easily mark Flacco down for a few as well.


Brett Favre, Vikings vs San Francisco

Hmm, this may be a tad risky, but I have seen very little to make me think that the 49ers are soft on defense this year. Granted they play on the road, but it doesnt seem to shake me up too much. Last time these 2 teams met, Adrian Peterson was humbled and so was the entire Vikes offense. I expect Peterson to be more then pumped and the Vikes will run heavily. Favre will just be the hand-off dummy most likely.

Jason Campbell, Redskins at Detroit

“Yeah, but its the Lions”. Ha and last week it was the Rams. It doesn’t seem to matter, Campbell and this offense just stink. They could only muster 9 points against a hopeless Rams team at HOME! So why do I believe any different this week. The Lions were killed by Drew Brees, but who won’t be this year? They did decent with Favre, and even half a Favre is better then a whole Campbell, cut this guy if ya have him, he just stinks!

Mark Sanchez, Jets vs Tennessee

When will I learn to stop bashing these Jets? Well not this week! I know they were torched last week, but I firmly believe that Fisher and the boys will be ready. Sanchez has been a good game manager so far and has made a believer out of many. Somehow I don’t see him being sharp in what should be a low scoring affair. Sooner or later the Titans will show some blitz, and when better to start then aganst a rook! One TD for Sanchez, maybe? I wouldn’t count on much else.

Sleeper Pick:

Kyle Orton, Broncos

Handle with care: Matt Ryan,Falcons

Running Backs


Fred Jackon, Bills vs New Orleans

Theee best story of the young season has been the very talented Jackson. When I took this guy in a few of my fantasy leagues, people said, “Hey great 3 week pick up” with a snicker. Dick Jaroun is already on thin ice as coach in Buffalo, and if he makes way with open arms for Marshawn Lynch and disses this guy, then he should be canned! Jackson has the hands, the speed, and the strength to be an elite NFL back. He has been wonderful so far this year and the Saints like to make it a high scoring game, so i’m going to pencil in Freddy for 2 TDs!

Matt Forte, Bears at Seattle

It’s make or break time for Forte owners this week for sure. A first-round pick in many fantasy drafts, Forte hs been man-handled, albeit by two very tough run defenses. This week he goes to Seattle, where Frank Gores tire marks are still fresh from his 206 yard game last week. Forte caught some passes last week, and the Bears seem ready to utilize him to his full potential. If Forte doesnt get 120 total yards and a TD I may never watch football again.( Yeah Right!)

Darren Sproles, Chargers vs Miami

You start Sproles, You start Sproles, You start Sproles period. I don’t care about L.T.’s status, this guy goes off on everybody! Maybe Miami has a game plan for him, but don’t count on it, he produces, umm period! You start Sproles. Did I mention that you start Sproles?


Cedric Benson, Bengals vs Pittsburgh

Nobody is more pleased at what Benson has been doing then me (well maybe the Bengals). A 13th round pick in 2 of my drafts, Benson has been a real sleeper so far, but its reality time, and here comes the big boys! The Steeler defense made little lambs out of usual bulls Chris Johnson and Matt Forte so far this season, so I don’t see Benson doing what he has done in the first 2 weeks. Although he suddenly has found hands and is catching more, I just don’t like the match up. But, keep an eye on this guy in flexer leagues or 3 back leagues, hes producing.

Frank Gore, 49ers at Minnesota

Gore had an incredible week last week in Seattle, and although you kind of root for this dark horse, you can’t trust anyone running against the Vikings. One of the best run defenses the last 3 years in the league, the Vikings have been tough to run on again this year. I still think Gore can make a little noise, but there are some much better options this week. Keep Frank well rested for week 4, he’ll thank you for it.

Thomas Jones, Jets vs Tennessee

I understand that someone has to move the ball for the Jets after I told all of you to not play Sanchez and now not to play Jones. I think the Jets are best served using the multi-talented Leon Washington more this week. Washington has the speed and the hands to create some room against this tough defense. Jones is too much of a “right into the line” kind of runner for my taste, and the Titans sure do fill up the middle well. Look past Jones this week.

Sleeper: Kevin Smith, Detroit

Handle with care: Steve Slaton, Texans

Wide Receiver

FlashMarques Colston, Saints at Buffalo

Heeees Baaaaaack! Yes Colston fans, the guy you all shuttered to pick this year because of past injuries is blazing hot so far this year. 4 TDs in his first 2 games is nothing to be afraid of fantasy owners. I know the Bills seem to have some strange magic at home but this guy is freakish so far. Drew Brees will get his just about every week it appears so why not bank on his favorite target for let’s say, oh I don’t know, 2 more this week?

Calvin Johnson, Lions vs Washinton

If you watch football then you will know quickly what I mean. Does DeAngelo Hall want out of yet another city? Hall has looked hopeless the last 2 weeks and has gotten burned by some very poor receivers. So enter one of the games best, the well skilled Johnson. The Redskins are just doing it like they always do, pay a ton and get little in return, plus Stafford likes this guy, and hey who doesn’t. Johnson will find the end zone for sure and if you’re in a point per catch league you can count on 10 easy from Johnson.

DeSean Jackson, Eagles vs Kansas City

I know, last week I said don’t dare, but the Eagles find ways to get him the ball. He had a beautiful 71 yard TD last week and the Chiefs are not a huge threat on defense. Yes having Jackson do wildcat formations may be dangerous, but between that, punt returns, and receiving Jackosn is finding a way to get numbers and you should find a way to get him into your lineup!


Braylon Edwards, Browns at Baltimore

There are few people that are bigger fans of Edwards them me, but this is an article not a popularity contest. Edwards never does much against the Ravens, although they have looked a bit soft on defense this year. Edwards was more active last week but don’t expect huge stuff this week, and if the Browns lose don’t expect much more of Brady Quinn either.

Donald Driver, Packers at St. Louis

Same beginning as last choice. I love Driver and think he is the ultimate team player and professional. He hasn’t lost a step even at 35, and he always finds his way to 1000 yards. So why crash? Well last time they met he was limited, and not to mention his counter-part Greg Jennings was blanked last week. You have to believe that Jennings went to his team and said something like, “Hey guys make room for me this week, I’m ready to explode”. Driver is terrific at drawing coverage around the field, but this week I think he plays more the decoy and we love him for it.

Justin Gage, Titans at New York Jets

It seems that Kerry Collins likes this guy, but it also seems after 2 weeks that any receiver a QB seems to like, that means Rex Ryan likes to send Darelle Revis against them. Revis has shut down both Andre Johnson and Randy Moss so far this year, so if he is spending time covering Gage, then Gage should be ready to do alot of blocking.

Sleeper: Johnny Knox, Bears

Handle with care: Santana Moss, Redskins



Eagles vs Kansas City

Ravens vs Cleveland

Giants vs Tampa Bay


Rams vs Green Bay

Bills vs New Orleans

Jaguars at Houston

Good Luck in week 3 everyone and don’t forget to tune in to CamelClutchBlog.com on Friday for the second installment of “Beat The Shark”

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

Thanks again for reading!

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