The Shark’s NFL Power Rankings For Week 6


BJ RajiIs this all really happening? With each week that passes, it looks as if the usual bottom feeders are pushing to the top, and vice versa. The Power Rankings seem to be changing as much as the weather, and hot/cold for sure!

So after 5 weeks we still have 2 teams still undefeated, a few 1 loss teams and one highly touted pre-season favorite in desperate trouble. Whether it is late comebacks, big turnovers or amazing catches, teams are letting it all hang out, and some are standing tall. Who made the move up? Well here is your chance to find out, as “The Shark” brings you his weekly dose of Power Rankings.

32. Indianapolis Colts: Would they actually draft Andrew Luck and groom him behind Peyton Manning? The chances of them getting first overall pick is falling into place nicely.

31. St. Louis Rams: Well, when you are on a bye week, you can’t lose, right?

30. Miami Dolphins: You can’t help but think Chad Henne is a bit happy to call it a season.

29. Arizona Cardinals: How can you get any “cred” when you get pounded by a winless team? Will Fitzgerald demand a trade next year?

[adinserter block=”2″]28. Minnesota Vikings: Imagine, giving the ball to that number 28 could actually work! Expect much more Adrian Peterson from here on.

27. Denver Broncos: Who had week 6 as “Tebow Time” on the office pool?

26. Jacksonville Jaguars: Is losing to the Bengals starting to become acceptable?

25. Carolina Panthers: Another week, another scare, and falling just short. Still like them better than the 7 teams behind them.

24. Philadelphia Eagles: Each week a new member of the former “dream team” finds a way, to blow it!

23. Seattle Seahawks: Much respect for last week’s steal in New York, but still not enough.

22. Kansas City Chiefs: It may have taken some time, but they are playing better. Bowe is a monster!

21. Atlanta Falcons: Had a chance to bury the defending champs, than fell asleep.

20. Cleveland Browns: In another division they could be a sleeper pick, but in this one they won’t get far this season.

19. Chicago Bears: Getting beat up by Detroit is not as sad as we think, but the Bears are pretty bad too.

18. New York Jets: Could their late-season game against the Eagles really be the “Let Down Bowl”?

17. Cincinnati Bengals: Who is the best rookie in the NFL? Perhaps, Andy Dalton? No one saw this coming.

16. Tennessee Titans: Somewhere in the middle of it all we have the Titans. Is that good or bad?

15. Dallas Cowboys: The bye week came just in time for them to heal and reflect. The Cowboys can still be a decent team. Oh wait, the Patriots are up next.

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: What happened to Josh Freeman? The offense is hurting here.

13. New York Giants: They won’t last long acting like they did last week.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers: Last week’s win showed us 2 things: 1. The Steelers are tough at home and 2. They are still around.

11. Houston Texans: With the tough schedule they have, they can’t afford to give many away.

10. Oakland Raiders: Al Davis, gone but not forgotten after that huge win last week.

9. San Francisco 49ers: You drop anyone like they dropped the Bucs last week, and go 4-1, and you get some respect. Who would have thought a week 6 showdown with the Lions would loom so big?

8. Washington Redskins: Somehow they are still the best team in the NFC East.

7. Buffalo Bills: The defense is playing out of their minds right now. The offense is working too.

[adinserter block=”1″]6. San Diego Chargers: The Super Chargers are finally playing in October the way they should play all year round.

5. New Orleans Saints: I think Drew Brees just likes keeping it interesting.

4. Baltimore Ravens: Lost style points with the bye, but still plenty good. They are the Pats main threat right now.

3. New England Patriots: Do you think Wes Welker has himself and Tom Brady on his fantasy team? The Pats handled business against the Jets.

2. Detroit Lions: 5-0 everybody! 5-0. A nice test from the 49ers this week should show us some things.

1. Green Bay Packers: They even took off the first half last week and still made it look plenty easy.

Some big tests stand in the way of some of the big dogs this week. Can someone take down an undefeated? We will see Sunday!

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