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Sharks’ Flash and Crash – Fantasy Start ’em or Sit ’em

Ben Roethlisberger Hello readers! I must say you are all in for a treat this football season. For the first time here at, you will all be seeing some of my great stuff like “Beat The Shark”, Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down, My take on the new LFL, and this neat little nugget known as “Flash and Crash”. For the past few seasons these were just blurbs on various social networks but now are available for you, our faithful readers!

So what is “Flash and Crash”? Well thats simple, the industry term is start em and sit em, I just added my own neat little twist to the words. So each week I will bring you my 3 players that will be “Flashy” and the 3 who will “Crash” in the upcoming fantasy football matchups plus one sleeper and one handle with care from each position. So without any further delay, lets get to it:


[adinserter block=”1″]1. Drew Brees, New Orleans vs the Lions
Need we say more, if we do then ok. How do you not start the season with Brees after last years 5069 yard, 34 TD season? Not to mention one of the softest defenses in the league will be lining up across from him. Starting RB Pierre Thomas is also still questionable with a knee injury, so that makes for all the more reason why Brees will look to light it up this week!

2. Kurt Warner, Arizona vs The 49ers
Its hard to pass on Warner given the fact that his WR corp look more like indestructable robots rather then humans. The 49ers lack serious size and strength at the corners and Warner throughout his career has found plenty of success against San Fran. Experts say that new offensive coordinator Russ Grimm will look to run more, but trust me, when he sees this club unable to move the ball down field on the ground, it will change real fast.

3. Matt Schaub, Houston vs The Jets
So what if the Jets are ranked high on many pre-season defense charts, this is Houston,Texas where Mr Schaub was undefeated last year as a starter. The cast has improved greatly here in Houston, and they also have Andre Johnson, who in the eyes of many in the best in the game. With Steve Slaton also catching passes with a certain “Tomlinson-esque” flare, Schaub should have loads to work with and should find good success. If not anything else the Texans questions on defense will make it a shoot out!

1. Matt Cassel, Kansas City at Baltimore
Cassel is still iffy after his injury last week, and if there is one bad remedy for what ails you, its this talented bunch on defense. Even if Cassel gets the nod he’ll be hard pressed to make alot happen

2. Kyle Orton, Denver at Cincy
Yes the Bengals do give up alot of yards, but they were one of the top teams in turnovers last year, and Kyle Orton showed little progress this pre-season. I would expect that with all the guys they have at RB it will be ground show for Denver in this one.

3. Ben Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh at Tennessee
Big Ben has always been known as a slow starter, and this season he kicks it off against one of the more aggressive defenses in football. Sure the Steelers like to go deep, but thats only if Ben has the time. Expect some classic smash mouth in the season opener.

Sleeper Start: Shaun Hill at Arizona
Handle with care: Tony Romo at Tampa Bay

Running Back

1. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota at the Browns
Why should I even have to write. Its as simple as his nickname, All Day!

2. LaDainian Tomlinson, San Diego at the Raiders
L.T. always goes off on Oakland. The Raiders are a mess on defense as Richard Seymour has pulled quite the no-show. This one should be easy.

3. Matt Forte, Chicago at the Packers
Forte is the new triple threat back in the league.Hands,Speed and Strength. The Packers didnt do much to improve this defense and should be focused heavily on QB Jay Cutler. Forte had good success against the Pack last year.

1. Brandon Jacobs, Giants at Washington
The Giants are a mess at WR, and the ‘Skins added Albert Haynesworth to this tough defensive front 7. Jacobs may do something,but not enough here.

2. Derrick Ward, Tampa Bay vs Dallas
Not only is the matchup tough,but Tampa has named Cadillac Williams the starter today, a huge shock to many and a big let down for Ward owners. Given the chance he can catch it and make plays,but this backfield is crowded!

3. Jamal Lewis, Cleveland vs the Vikings
The Vikings have had the best run defense 2 straight years and have been in the top five 3 straight, not looking good for the aging Lewis

Sleeper Pick: Cedric Benson vs the Broncos
Handle With Care: Chris Johnson vs Pittsburgh

Wide Receiver
1. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona vs the 49ers
Read Warner and you’ll know. Besides if you dont start this guy you shouldnt be playing!


[adinserter block=”2″]2. Braylon Edwards, Cleveland vs the Vikings
With the Vikings tough run defense, the Browns will have to throw it plenty to get on the board. Also Edwards had a sensational pre-season. Dont be afraid of the QB situation, he will be fine.

3. Chad Ochocinco, Cincy vs the Broncos
Now that T.J. is gone this offense is Chads again. Carson Palmer should be ready in time, and Denvers pour pass rush should give Ocho mucho time to get open! This game may be the rebirth of Chad!

1. Brandon Marshall, Denver at the Bengals
He’s off suspension, but not out of the dog house. Coach McDaniels hasn’t decided if Marshall will play yet, so don’t get all amped up for a angry redemption just yet.

2. Vincent Jackson, San Diego at the Raiders
Two of the toughest words in football, Nmamdi Asomugha,the Raiders shut down corner who clings to receivers like static on a cold day. Oakland can’t stop the run, so Rivers will be handing off alot in this one.

3. Any Giants Wide receiver at Washington
You have to wait and see who,if anyone comes out of this pack. The favorite is Steve Smith, but not ready for a flyer here.

Sleeper: Steve Breaston vs the 49ers
Handle With Care: Devin Hester at the Packers

Cowboys at Tampa
Chargers at Raiders
Ravens vs Chiefs


Jets at Texans
Rams at Seattle
Bills at New England

We don’t do sleeper D’s, lets get serious. And to us, a kicker is a kicker is a kicker!

Good luck in week 1 everyone, football is back!

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