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The Sharks Fantasy Football Week 3 Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em

Matthew StaffordHello fantasy football friends and football fans. Well we are back with more fantasy advice and what to do with your rosters this upcoming week. As always I try to stay away from the obvious choices, but some players so deserve the print time. How can I not say start a guy like Tom Brady and faithfully consider myself a fantasy football expert?

So far this season in my 4 leagues I have posted an impressive record of 7-1. That’s right, 7 wins and just 1 loss, so chances are I have my finger on the pulse, or heck I could just be really lucky. Either way my advice is here for all of you to enjoy, and also I will take you on a tour of the waiver wire and give you some good ideas of players you may want to add to your roster. Some may already be proven, and some are slowly gaining playing time. So here we go, good luck in week 3, and as always thanks for reading!



Tom Brady, Patriots at Bills: No one has ever made anything look so easy in any field ever. Over 900 yards in 2 weeks is totally unheard of, unless you are the top gunslinger in the game. Brady always has big days against the Bills, and despite an improved team, the results should be the same here. Keep riding Brady to the top, and it will mean big things for your team.

Matthew Stafford, Lions at Vikings: Is he going to stay healthy all year? If he does just how many TDs can we expect? Well Matt Stafford is red hot right now, and having weapons like Calvin Johnson help a great deal. The Vikings are just not bringing it so far this season, and this is another nice spot for Stafford. He does well indoors and this stands to be another big day for Detroit’s potential savior.

[adinserter block=”2″]Philip Rivers, Chargers vs. Chiefs: Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Stafford killed this defense the last 2 weeks, so why not Rivers? Last weekend Vincent Jackson and Malcolm Floyd each showed how their size can be tough for opposing defenses despite the loss to the Pats. The Chiefs are a mess and don’t seem to be able to stop anyone. Start Rivers proudly, and for that matter, just about any Charger you own.


Eli Manning, Giants at Eagles: Manning is struggling to have healthy WRs and also struggling with a new offensive line. The Eagles pass rush can be real tough, and they can be run on a great deal, so the G-Men may be better served having Eli just manage the game and play a slower pace, trying to work Philly to sleep.

Jay Cutler, Bears vs. Packers: Way too much smack talk between coach and player and now the defending champs are coming in. Cutler looked like a man ready to walk away last week after the Saints pounded him down after down. The Packers have not always been rough and tough against Cutler and the Bears in the past, but I have a feeling that Jay won’t be a very good start in this one.

Matt Cassel, Chiefs at Chargers: This one is becoming a no-brainer, but does it hurt to say it again? No it does not. Cassel has done zero for fantasy owners, especially those who believed they could load up at other positions and settle for Cassel later on. If you own him, it may be time to let go and look elsewhere.

Running Back


Ahmad Bradshaw, Giants at Eagles: Yes, I am a Philly guy, but also a realist. The Eagles are doing very little to stop opposing RBs from running wild, and Bradshaw has good power and speed. He should get his looks this week and do well with them.

Ben Tate, Texans at Saints: Arian Foster is still nursing an injury, and Tate has been putting up the digits in his place. The Saints are far from a ferocious and Matt Forte had big numbers last week, so we are trusting that Tate can too. He is the main back now until everyone else gets healthy, but it looks like he is playing well enough to steal time either way.

Rashard Mendenhall, Steelers at Colts: The Colts not only have a bad offense now, but they still have pretty much the same luck on defense too. Mendenhall is a big bruiser and should be plenty busy helping the Steelers grind this one out. There is no Manning here to make it a shoot out, so Rashard is a safe bet to have a big day.


Darren McFadden, Raiders vs. Jets: I don’t like to turn my back on a player I like so much, but this is a tough match-up here for DMC. The Jets do play good defense, and are tough against both the run and the pass. McFadden may do some stuff in the passing game, but RBs have yet to do much against Rex Ryan’s run defense.

Fred Jackson, Bills vs. Patriots: I like what Freddie J does, but I don’t trust it here. From what we have seen the Patriots will go to the air often and can put games out of reach in a hurry. Jackson is a talented back, but he may not get as many chances as the Bills will have to throw a lot to keep close here.

DeAngelo Williams, Panthers vs. Jaguars: Even if the Jags can be had on the ground, this guy won’t be doing it. Last week Jonathan Stewart did enough to merit more time and Williams just is not doing anything good. The Panthers have suddenly become a big time passing team as well, so they struggle to get big points from RBs.

Wide Receiver/ Tight End


Brandon Marshall, Dolphins at Browns: People can say what they want about Chad Henne, but there is not a QB in the league who can’t eventually find Marshall. Last week he punched in a TD and is getting much more action in this offense. The Dolphins are no longer a ground attack, and Marshall benefits from it, like his owners.

Kenny Britt, Titans vs. Broncos: Where did Britt come from? Yes he had a good effort or 2 last year, but he suddenly looks like the top option here. With Chris Johnson still not running wild, QB Matt Hasselbeck is trusting Britt more and he is coming through. The Bronco defense is not scary, so Britt could put up 2 more TDs this week.

Jason Witten, Cowboys vs. Redskins: The Cowboys have many injuries so someone will need to get the load. Miles Austin, Dez Bryant and RB Felix Jones are most likely out or questionable so Witten needs to step up. He has the hands to make big plays and whether it’s Romo or Kitna at QB this week, he will get lots of looks.


Reggie Wayne, Colts vs. Steelers: Just when Wayne owners thought it was looking up, well here comes the Steelers. Some people say the Steelers defense is slowing down, but they still bring the blitz and this offense is not scaring anyone. Wayne may be targeted plenty, but it may not mount too much.

Percy Harvin, Vikings vs. Lions: The Lion defense mixed with the poor outings from Donovan McNabb equal not much from Harvin. He is best served in multiple roles, but the offense isn’t good enough for Harvin to get those chances. He is never a terrible option, but you can do much better.

Robert Meacham, Saints vs Texans: Houston could come back to Earth in this game, but the Saints seem to have way too many players touching the ball. The injury to Marquis Colston was supposed to elevate Meachams game, but last week we saw Devery Henderson grab the bombs, Jimmy Graham work the mid stuff and Meacham getting what was left. May not be enough to count on.

If you own these players it may be time to pull the trigger on playing them:

Daniel Thomas, Miami Dolphins: Went over 100 yards last week in his first NFL game, and now Reggie Bush has had his role lessened. Thomas is a big tough back, and if he can grab passes, Bush may get even less time.

Willis McGahee, Denver Broncos: This is a guy who did have moderate success in the past, and can catch passes and score. With Knowshon Moreno struggling with injury, McGahee is now the starter and his game this week can be a profitable one for him.

Waiver Wire Pick Ups!

Ok owners, do you need a boost or do you need to fix up some roster spots due to injury? Well here we go, here are some quality performers who may not have a team yet, perhaps you can bring them on.

[adinserter block=”1″]Eric Decker, WR, Denver Broncos: The Broncos do like to pass the ball, and Brandon Lloyd has been hampered with injury. Last week Decker went off and scored also. He also plays a key role in the return game, so with his speed and skill he is becoming more of a threat each week

Dexter McCluster, RB, Kansas City Chiefs: With Charles gone for the year and Thomas Jones aging, this is a good spot for McCluster to get some quality playing time.

Tashard Choice, RB, Dallas Cowboys: Felix Jones is banged up, and even when healthy he is not proved he is a 25 touch per game guy. Choice has good hands and can pick up some slack when given the chance.

Rex Grossman, QB, Washington Redskins: I still don’t believe I’m posting this, but this week he plays a weak Cowboys secondary, and has had 2 good weeks so far. This offense seems geared towards his strengths, so he may be worth a look.

Much more to go this season as it is still very early, but as we all know every week counts, so give it your best, and as always good luck!!

The Shark

If you’d like to hear anything else from me on topics or ideas I can be reached at phillyphan1971@yahoo.com

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  1. Good predictions and I agree with everything except for sitting McFadden. He's one of those guys who's above the match up. This is the same guy who sat on my bench last year when he came back from injury and scored 45 points. Never again!

    Note: I'm a little suspect at RB though. I have Hightower and McFadden with Starks and B. Jacobs on my bench. So I can see sitting him if you have a better option.


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