Shaquille O’Neal to Guest Host WWE RAW next week


Shaquille O'Neal WWE will continue the trend of celebrity Guest Hosts for next week’s RAW. Unlike past hosts, next week’s WWE RAW Celebrity Guest Host is no stranger to pro wrestling. 15-time NBA All Star Shaquille O’Neal will take the Guest Host spot next week on WWE RAW.

Shaq will follow this week’s Guest Hosts ZZ Top next week on WWE RAW. ZZ Top set the barometer so low that he can’t be much worse. Shaq is a longtime wrestling fan and I have faith that he will be one of the most interesting celebrities to take this spot.

I can’t remember ever being more embarrassed to be a wrestling fan than I was watching WWE RAW. WWE RAW featured ZZ Top written into “comedy” skits throughout the show. This may have been the worst television I have ever seen. The only thing funny about this was that somebody was actually getting paid to write this crap.

It went from bad to worse early on WWE RAW. ZZ Top taped all of their skits. ZZ Top looked very old, well because they are. The WWE overdubbed ZZ Top’s music as they were supposed to look like they were playing. I can’t even begin to explain how ridiculous this was and how horrible this looked. This made Ric Flair’s insane asylum gimmick in WCW look like comedy gold.

I liked the idea of the Guest Host, but it was just all wrong. I have high hopes for Shaq next week. Shaq has appeared many times on WWE and WCW television. Shaq is an entertainer that gets it. He is also one of the few celebrity hosts that won’t get booed in front of a live audience. I just hope he is writing his own material.

The Guest Host idea had great potential early on. I liked the original hosts Batista and Ted DiBiase. Taz claims he turned down a Guest Host spot so I am assuming that they were sticking to wrestlers early on. I don’t mind a celebrity here and there, but I think they really need to get wrestlers new and old into the mix.

I don’t know how much money it would take, but I think that the WWE needs to make a play for Brock Lesnar. There is bad blood between the two as a result of a lawsuit. However, a paycheck is a paycheck and this is an easy night’s work. If Brock won’t do it, I’d make a play for Sable/Rena Mero. After UFC 100, she is just as relevant as Brock is.

At this point I would start looking for Guest Writers before I worry about booking Guest Hosts. Calling Bill Watts!

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