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Shape Of You’s Copyright Claims Against Ed Sheeran Brings Him to Court

Renowned singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran is facing a legal tussle for his very famous song “Shape of You”. Ed Sheeran released the song in 2017 and got more popularity as the song was a super hit and everyone’s muse. But seems like a hurdle has been posed in front of Sheeran as he has been accused of copying some lines and tunes of the song.

For his superhit song ‘Shape of you,’ he is currently facing copyright claims. Sheeran was accused of being a “magpie” who allegedly “borrows” ideas from other musicians to utilize in his songs. This allegation was imposed on him on the opening day of his High Court trial for his famous song.

The 31-year-old musician appeared in court on Friday to defend himself against copyright charges that his smash song “Shape of You” used melodic lines from another song. Sheeran, who wore a black suit and tie to the court, rejects the allegations. The singer is battling two composers, Sami Chokri and Ross O’Donoghue. These two singers claim that his 2017 hit is influenced by and musically identical to one they penned called ‘Oh Why.’

The veracity of the case has not been done till now hence nothing can be deduced. However, the reports suggest that the singer duo has made a strong case in front of Ed Sheeran. It could be difficult for him to absolve it. The alleged copyright infringement done by Ed Sheeran has been specifically pointed out by Chokri and Ross.

Facts and aftermaths of the case

In their arguments in front of the court, the duo alleged that The song infringes on “certain lyrics and phrases” of their work. They claim that the ‘Oh I’ll hook in Sheeran’s Shape Of You is “strikingly similar” to an ‘Oh Why.’ Chokri claims he submitted the song to Sheeran’s inner circle in the hopes of working with him, but subsequently heard the chorus on ‘Shape Of You’.

The song then turned out to become the UK’s best-selling single of 2017. It was the first song to reach three billion streams last year. Judge Antony Zacaroli will hear both songs in court on Friday, and the legal fight is anticipated to take three weeks. Lawyers from both parties are advocating for their clients.

Chokri’s lawyers claim that the two songs are not only similar but also identical. On the other hand, Sheeran’s lawyer claims that his client has no memory of even listening to ‘Oh Why’. Hence it would be an interesting legal battle to witness. But before the decision of the court comes, Sheeran has already faced a lot of repercussions instead of this case.

After the songwriters of ‘Oh Why’ accused him of “appropriating” their work, Sheeran and his co-writers Steven McCutcheon and John McDaid were prevented from receiving an estimated £20m in royalties from performances or broadcasts of Shape of You. Ed Sheeran’s earnings for ‘Shape of You’ have been halted following a fresh copyright accusation.



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