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Shane McMahon Made Reported WWE Creative Power Play in 2012

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While Shane McMahon’s return to the WWE seemed to come out of nowhere earlier this year, a new report indicates that Shane’s return could have come much sooner if not for a failed coup.

A new report on the business from the inside of the WWE reveals a major story that up until now has never been reported. According to a new report on, Shane McMahon attempted something a hostile takeover in 2012 in an attempt to take creative control.

“n March 2012, Vince, according to a source familiar with the exchange, called a surprise meeting at the WWE production office, a separate facility from the main headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. Shane had returned with a friend: James Frey, the author of the critically acclaimed and, later, highly controversial A Million Little Pieces and by that time the CEO of Full Fathom Five, a content creation company he founded in 2010.”

“Shane had a simple proposal: that he take over all of creative, including the writer’s room, with Frey and his team at Full Fathom Five as consultants.”

The article goes on to report that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon freaked out when they received word about the proposed meeting. A source told the author that Stephanie was “what in the face” and Paul “freaked out”. The meeting was reportedly set up through Kevin Dunn, Vince’s closest ally in the company. Those familiar with the behind-the scenes gossip in the WWE are well aware that Stephanie and Triple H do not like Dunn as the parties don’t see eye-to-eye. Thus if Dunn brought Shane back into the company, he would certainly bolster his position and job security within the company.

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It has been reported over the years that Shane was not strong in creative when he was active in the company last decade. Shane has been reported by some to have had terrible creative ideas. However, people change, times change, and if he surrounded himself with smart people, who knows how it would have played out.

The one thing we can almost guarantee is that the top of the storylines would be much different. I have no idea who his champion or franchise players would be but it’s safe to presume that Stephanie and Triple H would not the top stars on television. Stephanie’s run has long been past stale and any creative direction which would pivot from her to anyone else would be a welcome change in my mind.

In the end Vince rejected Shane’s advances but 2012 wasn’t that long ago. It was only four years ago and Shane is back in the company, and fairly popular. Shane also has a lot of supporters behind the scenes. It would not shock me at all to read about some kind of attempted or achieved shakeup involving Shane in the next few years.

I can only speak from my experience and I can tell you that I have never been less interested in the WWE product. It’s unwatchable at this point. This has nothing to do with the talent but the writing, the promos, the creative is just beyond awful. Quite honestly I feel like my intelligence is insulted any time I watch a segment. It’s not for me and any change would be welcomed.

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