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Shane Helms – The Hurricane That Won’t Stop

Shane Helms is being investigated for a DUIChoose a pic from these if you wish:

Stand back, Shane Helms. There’s a Hurricane coming.

And this one is on track to do quite a bit of damage.

The news broke on Friday afternoon. Shane Helms and his girlfriend, Karen, were involved in a serious motorcycle accident near their home in North Carolina. In addition to suffering a broken leg, ankle, and nose, he also dislocated his jaw and required over 200 stitches. Karen suffered a broken neck in the wreck. Both will be hospitalized for the foreseeable future.

The support from the wrestling community came pouring in. Countless stars asked for prayers, well-wishes, & words of encouragement. Helms’ saw his Facebook and Twitter accounts bombarded with countless messages, both positive and negative. Then the gruesome, graphic photos of Shane and Karen came out. As if reading what happened didn’t tug at your heart, seeing the damage that this accident has done was enough for even the harshest detractors to say a small prayer.

[adinserter block=”2″]Today, however, my attitude changed a bit.

Reports about drunk driving came out that Helms is now being investigated by North Carolina police for Driving Under the Influence in connection to the motorcycle that nearly ended his life. The reports stated that a witness saw Helms, with his girlfriend also on the bike, blow through a stop sign, lose control, and fly directly through a metal chain link fence. Another person mentioned in the police reports stated that he was present with Helms at a restaurant just moments before the crash and that he “was sure” Helms had been drinking there.

To be fair, blood tests are currently being done and it could be weeks before we know if alcohol had indeed hindered Helms ability to operate a vehicle. With police reports having multiple witnesses saying that they witness Helms both drinking and acting reckless, the future isn’t looking very good for Helms. If it’s proven that he was drunk, his charges will almost certainly be doubled just for the fact that he was operating the vehicle that was carrying another human being.

In July 2009, I lost a relative of mine who was bicycling down the road when he was hit blindly by a drunk-driver. My Uncle was just 42 years old; months away from obtaining his Doctorate and a prominent professor at a local school. He was a man that every student looked up to. His death shook the lives of so many. Just an innocent, kindhearted, loving, hilarious man enjoying one of his favorite passions when his life was taken by a careless, reckless, and drunk individual.

Therefore, this topic runs deep with me. That’s why it may seem like I’m quick to pass judgment on Helms.

But, I won’t.

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At least not yet. I’ll wait until I see a blood test that either confirms or denies that he was intoxicated while operating his motorcycle. If he wasn’t drunk, good. I hope him and Karen recover 100% and can get back to doing the things they love. If he was drunk, I still hope him and Karen recover 100%, though, he better pay the price.

Helms has quite the history of causing quite a disturbance. In fact, this wouldn’t even be his first time making headlines due to alcohol consumption. It was January 27, 2010 where Helms had his face plastered on TMZ after being arrested for public intoxication in Kentucky. In that incident, Helms reportedly struck 3 different people in a cab. One of the people struck was fellow wrestler, Chris Jericho. The other was a female who witnesses say was elbowed in the face by Helms. The female never pressed charges, however. She claimed that her and Helms were just “play-fighting” and that the situation simply escalated because they were both drunk.

Nonetheless, he was released the next day after posting a $120 bail bond. Just 29 days later, Helms was given his walking papers by the WWE.

Other brushes-with-the-law for Helms include an March 2007 Sports Illustrated report that Helms was the recipient of various steroids (HGH, testosterone, and nandrolone) during a four-year period from 2003-2007. This was confirmed in August 2007. For what it’s worth, the WWE brushed it off since the offenses took place prior to their Wellness Policy going into effect. There’s the May 2008 ordeal that saw Helms involved in another argument that eventually escalated into violence. Then, just a few months ago on March 13, 2011, Helms received a citation for yet another bar-brawl in Smithfield, North Carolina.

For a guy who talked so much trash on the way Shawn Michaels lived his life a few months ago, he hasn’t exactly done anything to show that he’s lived his much better. It was in January where Helms really gained a ton of his detractors. HBK had just been named the first recipient of the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class. Helms quickly tweeted, “The HOF is great but I take more pride & comfort in the fact that I’ve never “screwjobbed” ANYONE in life or the biz! $$$ isn’t everything.” Once the negative tweets started pouring in, Helms made great fun of the attention. He even went so far as to publicly criticize the physical characteristics of some of the people tweeting him. It was beyond immature and really showed the class, or lack thereof, of the “Hurricane.”

Helms continued his HBK onslaught by tweeting, “Flair got over people that absolutely SUCKED!! Shawn hadn’t gotten over anyone but himself in the last decade!! I’m sorry being honest comes off bad on Twitter, I’m not hating, I’m stating FACTS!! Facts that I would swear by on my life. And wearing a cross doesn’t make u right. Hitler wore one too! Don’t be FOOLED by a TV persona!! I’m always honest. NO ONE can accuse me.”

It was this point that Helms made an enemy out of me. He came off looking like a jealous fool. Someone clearly perturbed that someone he didn’t like was garnering an accolade that he knew he’d never receive. And now that he had his virtual soapbox, he’d do a little self-marketing like his buddy Matt Hardy did and spout off about stuff that would definitely get him on the front pages of dirt sheets nationwide.

The point I’m trying to make here is that Helms has made the front page and the headlines of dirt sheets many times, but never for the right reasons. With the reports that Helms may have been drunk during his accident this past weekend, Helms once again found himself above-the-fold, front-and-center.

It was a different story, but the same ol’ Shane Helms.

The tipping point for me today wasn’t the drunk-driving reports. It was something else much more minor. It was the reports that Helms ex-girlfriend, current TNA star Velvet Sky, had gone against her long-standing claim to never join Twitter just to create one so that she could head the fund raising efforts to raise money for Helms to cover his surgery, medicines, and missed income. She even made it a point to say that Helms only way to “collect a check” was professional wrestling.

This is quite the change-of-heart from just a year ago when she threatened to quit TNA Wrestling when she found out that they were going to hire Helms. It was her argument that kept Helms from “collecting a check” and eventually with a Lucha Libre USA contract as opposed to a TNA deal.

So what exactly pissed me off about a girl who was horrified by the stories and pictures of her ex-boyfriends accident and just wanted to raise money for him?

Here’s why. January 30, 2011. Shane Helms had been getting really nasty with his attacks on Shawn Michaels on Twitter, his new weekly online wrestling show, and in interviews. He showed up to a PWG WrestleReunion 5 show in Los Angeles with a serious chip on his shoulder. He wrestled Joey Ryan on the show. The fans heeled all over Helms. The crowd chanted “HBK, HBK” almost the entire match. Prior to losing the match, Helms took the heat a step further. His opponent hit him with a Sweet Chin Music for the cheering crowd. Helms threw a fit in the ring and no-sold the spot. Instead, he slapped Ryan in the face and applied Ric Flair’s “Figure Four”. Once the match was over, the crowd was throwing things at an overly-cocky Helms. The chants of “Don’t come back” flooded the room.

He got on the mic and responded, “I’ve made millions and you ain’t made sh*t.”

Nice way to treat fans who have given you that massive home you have. The nice cars, the “Hurricycle” that’s now destroyed, and the self-obsessed platform that you abuse way too much; ALL gifts from the fans that “ain’t made shit.” Shane seems to have forgotten the one thing the fans have made.

HIM. Shane Helms. The Hurricane.

[adinserter block=”1″]Now that karma has seemingly come back and bit Helms in the Hurri-tail unlike no other, we’re expected to flood him with well-wishes. We’re expected to say our prayers. And now, his ex-girlfriend, his best friend Matt Hardy, and his co-workers are all pleading with us to donate money to a guy who worked for over 10 years in the biggest professional wrestling companies in the world. We, the people who “ain’t made sh*t” are supposed to dig deep into our already-empty pockets and give to a guy who has already proclaimed to have “made millions” and never showed us respect.

I’ll pass.

Specifically if he was drunk. Unless, of course, this money is going towards Helms entering rehab. Then, I’ll at least consider it.

Here’s to hoping that Helms can put himself first in a new type of way. Get help. There’s a reason that you’re always in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. As a fan of yours for many, many years, I don’t want to see your name added to the list of professional wrestlers who are gone way too soon. I want to see you come back healthy and better than ever. I want to see you be humble. I want to see a new, invigorated, thankful-to-be-alive Shane Helms.

I’m glad you’re alive. I don’t believe in karma. I believe in second chances. Some, like my uncle, aren’t as lucky as you, Shane. You’ve gotten a second shot at life. You’ve received this second chance of life for a reason. Let’s throw away the Shane Helms who’s gotten a bad name and bad press. Let’s make Shane Helms that proverbial superhero that so many of us grew up loving to be that man once more.

Up until now, it’s seemed as if Shane Helms, the storm, couldn’t be stopped.

Here’s to hoping that Shane Helms, the Hurricane, comes back a new, changed man.

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  1. Enter text right here!I agree with this blog 100% , hit right on the head straight up truth.they hardy helms and the rest have the nerve to ask for money and then diss fans who made them what they qre, they always brag about how much money they have , ok take your dam mony and use it towards his bills , Hardy you always bragging about yourself , help him your dam self. You so grand and all .and oh yeah everytime we see a vid of matt or the others they r drunk so that should tell us something

  2. I will not be suprised if Helms was loaded. Have you seen his show online? he drinks the whole show. Jealous idiot. Along with his 'homies" the Hardys and Shannon Moore. All jokes every one of them.


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