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Sgt. Slaughter Trains For a Monster Truck – Video

Sgt. SlaughterAh, the joys of the 1980’s. We all remember the Rock n Wrestling era, but what about this little gem? Sgt. Slaughter and his “battalion”, vs. a monster truck. The video screams ESPN Cheap Seats and is one of a kind. The video Sgt. Slaughter and his battalion training for the monster truck, Grave Digger. Remember as you watch this, the Sarge is talking about a monster truck and you will appreciate the unintentional comedic value in this piece. Let the laughter ensue. And that’s an order!….

Classic Slaughter promoting a classic match

Check out Sgt. Slaughter featured on the WWE: Legends of Wrestling 5 DVD by clicking here.

Check out Grave Digger on the Monster Jam Box Set 1 – 5 on DVD Monster Truck Videos set by clicking here.




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