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Seven Underused WWE Superstars

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, you’ll of noticed that wrestling legend AJ Styles is most certainly on his way to the WWE – and not to sit around in waiting with Samoa Joe in the NXT dressing room. Nope, seasoned veteran AJ will most likely debut on the main roster, and who knows, he might just team up with old friend Finn Balor in the Balor Club with a few of their old Bullet Club buddies.

Whilst this is one of the best things the WWE have done in recent years with their overwhelming supply of money and power, it’s also a big fat no in the faces of some of their roster – which right now is an over-filled over-flowing coffee pot of very talented yet very underrated and underused wrestlers. Here we list seven members of the roster who are definitely underused and could do with the push rather than being squashed down for new stars.

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  • Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt was once touted as the new generation Undertaker. Now he’s jobbing to Roman Reigns, well, he was. Or so it feels like. Bray is talented. Sister Abigail is an awesome finisher, and his character has the potential to be as haunting as possible, even with a PG stamp across his forehead. With the arrival of the Bullet Club though, Bray might be thrown to the back of the pack once again whilst really he should be main-eventing. They’re both crazy so why not throw him in with Dean Ambrose and see what comes out, or even better, throw in his underused little brother Bo Dallas (also mentioned in this list). The possibilities are endless, but he might want to ditch that Wyatt Family though, they’re always dragging him back like the chair.

  • Stardust

Stardust is a brilliant character, like seriously, there’s so many elements to him that he could easily go after one of the mid-card championships. But at the end of the day, he’s a cheap gimmick in the eyes of the WWE, whether he’s Cody Rhodes or not. However, if he were to revert to the Cody Rhodes we all know and love, he might be able to build himself up as a formidable heel – or face, for that matter – and pose a real threat. Considering his build, he’d be pretty good to work with or take on the Bullet Club, or even better, team back up with Randy Orton in some Legacy reboot. Endless possibilities for a talented generational star. That or he’ll end up like brother Goldust – an amazing talent left on the back burner burning away.

  • Bo Dallas

You’ve got to BOlieve me on this one, seriously. So he’s just formed a stable with Adam Rose, Heath Slater, and Curtis Axel – that’s not being used in my books, that’s being hung out to dry. First off, their called The Social Outcasts. Secondly, Heath Slater and Curtis Axel are not only terrible wrestlers, they’ve been hanging around the WWE like a bad smell. In Bo, WWE have a secret weapon: he just happens to be the real-life brother of their Undertaker-like Bray Wyatt. Bray is currently lacking in stories right now, why not throw his little brother into the mix – and break some Kayfabe – and see what happens. Good versus evil? Or maybe the corruption of innocent Bo? Who knows, take note creative.

  • Neville

So Neville won a Slammy award, and I’m pretty sure the WWE have big plans for him – BUT, the more they bring in old guard wrestlers, the less likely those plans will come to fruition in the near future. WWE could rejuvenate the careers of both The Miz (also on this list) and Neville by throwing them together, which they’ve already hinted at when The Miz gave his card to Neville. Neville has the makings of a WWE champion, without a doubt, but the more he’s sat on by creative, the less chance he’s got of making it, especially with the VAST amount of talent coming through NXT these days.

  • Tyler Breeze

Tyler Breeze is one of the strangest characters in the WWE, and yet he’s so perfect at pulling it off. It’s testament to his abilities that he’s even on the main roster, and yet right now he’s feeling a little underused. Whilst admittedly he hasn’t been on there for very long, he’s a lot better than sitting on the bench – he’s no reserve. Breeze has the potential to be a decent mid-carder who I personally think could reach the places the likes of Dolph Ziggler fall short of repeatedly. Besides, who doesn’t like a self-obsessed heel: he’s got the talent of Ziggler and the charisma of The Miz, why waste him?

  • Rhyno

Rhyno has been around the block more than once and he’s been a part of the WWE before, as well as a staple of TNA’s key programming, and has even featured in the much beloved Ring of Honour. Yet since returning to the WWE last year, he’s been treated a little bit like a lemon and with his old pal AJ and co coming back, he might get squeezed a little less then he should be. WWE had the right idea throwing him in with Tommy Dreamer and The Dudley Boyz and branding it The ECW Originals, but they need to keep it going for any of them being in the WWE again to mean as much as it did when they were around in the first place.

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  • The Miz

The Miz has been everywhere in the WWE, and he’s always shone – and I don’t mean as a Hollywood A-Lister either! You know your team is running out of ideas when all they can think of is casting you as what you are outside of work: an actor. The Miz once held the WWE Championship and headlined WrestleMania yet all he’s worth is a lousy Hollywood gimmick? I don’t think so. The Miz is a fantastic heel with a lot of talent who could easily go toe-to-toe with the likes of Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, and if he were to debut, would be a good match against Finn Balor.

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