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Seth Rollins’ First WWE Title Reign Has Been A Disaster

I was really looking forward to the day Rollins was going to be champion and sit atop the WWE as the number one heel in the company. Then, he won the Money in the Bank contract and I knew that day was coming sooner rather than later. He was on fire when he won that briefcase, and on many occasions I went on record saying he was the best thing going in the WWE. But as time passed, I started to worry that WWE waited too long and missed their opportunity to put the title on him.

[adinserter block=”1″]Fast forward to WrestleMania 31 and the most spectacular cash-in in WWE history. Rollins turned the Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns WWE World Heavyweight Championship match into a triple threat, where he would take advantage and become champion. It came a bit later than I expected, but it was well worth it. All of my speculation flew out the window the moment he came running down the ramp and won the title the way he did. The timing was perfect, not many people were expecting it, it was creative and best of all, Roman Reigns didn’t pin Brock Lesnar to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It was great and it’s exactly what I wanted for him. Unfortunately, my excitement for his title reign wouldn’t last. Rollins lost pretty much all of his heel heat and his title reign has been extremely flat.

I have some thoughts on why things have gone so poorly and how things with Rollins can be restored.

His Push
Everything about Rollins’ push as champion is wrong. When he won the title I expected a CM Punk type of heel championship run. He had the potential to be the perfect “do what ever it takes to keep the title,” beatable champion he was supposed to be. Instead, Seth’s being made out to look like a coward. Getting put down by Kane, banning Randy Orton’s RKO in their title match at Extreme Rules, at one point asking Triple H for more security and seemingly running away and trying to avoid every challenger that comes his way; most recently Dean Ambrose. They even resorted to the “heel gets the face arrested” story to try to keep Ambrose away from signing the contract to face Rollins at The Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Now, it’s been only two months since he’s been Champion so this could be an easy fix, but time is possibly running out on his first reign. WWE needs to book Rollins as a strong heel. He’s being billed as the next cerebral assassin so maybe he needs to start acting like it. Instead of acting like a coward, he needs to cheat and take his cocky attitude to a new level. Instead of allowing Kane or potential challengers to punk him, he needs to get more aggressive and start showing a little more arrogance. In the situation with Kane, he should have just laughed in his face, punking him back and then laying down the law by taking Kane out. If he were pushed as an untouchable member of The Authority, he’d really be able to do what he wants with no consequences. Keeping him at the top would really be viewed as “best for business.”

The Authority
Rollins looks really strong when Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are around, but when it’s just Kane, Big Show and his miniature security team, he looks like a joke. Luckily, Big Show hasn’t been seen since his match with Reigns at Extreme Rules. Unfortunately, Kane has been the focal point of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and that’s really bad for business. The Fatal 4-Way match at Payback and the Cage match at Extreme Rules were more about Kane than any of the actual participants.

Potentially, another very easy solution here, Kane cannot ever be the focal point around Rollins ever again. He can still be around as part of The Authority and the director of operations but he can’t put Rollins in bad spots; make him look weak and he must have his back at all times. Also, Triple H and Stephanie need to be around him more. They ooze power and it will only help Rollins. I absolutely love Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury as J&J Security so they can keep that going.

What ever is going on with his amazing finishing move, the curb stop, is really hurting Rollins in my opinion. Taking the curb stomp away from him hasn’t been good for him at all. He had an original, devastating finisher and he made history with that move. He put Ambrose and Orton out of commission and earned his first singles title with it. Now, every time we see a highlight of Rollins’ accomplishments, there’s no finish and it looks really weird. Now, because I guess it’s viewed as too dangerous, Rollins had to come up with a new finisher. He used some kind of modified DDT in a couple situations and lately he’s been using Triple H’s Pedigree. I’ve seen a lot of mixed feelings about Rollins using the Pedigree, but I personally hate it. A champion who uses a variety of finishers is a champion who doesn’t actually have a finisher. Every top star that’s ever come though the WWE has had a finishing move that separated them from the pack. The Rock has the Rock Bottom. Hulk Hogan had the Leg Drop. Stone Cold had the Stunner and so on. Seth needs a finishing maneuver that he can call his own and he had that.

Once again, a problem that could be fixed without any issue… Find a way to keep the curb stomp safe and a part of Rollins’ move set should be the priority. Like the greats I mentioned above, the curb stomp set Rollins apart and fit him perfectly. It really needs to come back.

[adinserter block=”2″]So, let me summarize. Seth Rollins’ title reign can be saved and it will only take three very simple changes. Stop booking him as a coward, keep the company around him strong and give him back the curb stomp. Time is ticking on his title reign and if they are going to get him scorching hot ever again, they need to start making some changes. He is too good to be dealing with these kind of issues. I still believe he’s the best overall worker today in the WWE and they need to allow him to be what he was before he was champion. Then and only then, Seth Rollins will be able to max out his potential as WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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  1. Rollins is being booked as a chicken but his moves make him a cool heel this mixture is doomed for failure.

    Rollins WM 31 was done with NO help as a calculated heel so I feel Rollins is better booked as a face.

  2. I agree with all of your points. Also, I feel that WWE missed the boat in distinguishing Seth Rollins from every other corporate heel champion. His shtick is identical to Randy Orton’s persona with the authority. He whines, hides behind two giant, and can never win a match on his own, and doesn’t do nearly as good as Orton.

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