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Seth Rollins Wants to Wrestle Triple H

Seth Rollins is arguably the brightest star ascending in the WWE. The former Shield member owes a lot to Triple H in and outside of the ring which is why he’d love to pay him back with a one on one match in a WWE ring.

[adinserter block=”1″]Seth Rollins is an exception to the rule. Rollins has arguably been the most successfully elevated wrestler under the current WWE Creative regime. Now don’t misunderstand me, Rollins is still not booked to his potential. However, in terms not badly screwing up a push this is probably the best example in the last three years.

Rollins has also turned into a great media interview. Rollins doesn’t work the interviewer and generally opens up about the current state of his career and the WWE. Right now I don’t think there is anyone better with the media in the WWE than Rollins and John Cena. That is why when I see the headline “Seth Rollins interview” I stop and read.

Rollins gave a very interesting interview to Rollins talked about a number of things but none was more evident than his man-crush on Triple H. It is apparent by reading the interview that Hunter has been a great influence on Rollins’ career and for everything his critics hate about him, Rollins has given his supporters ammunition to fight back.

“If you look at what he’s done in our industry over the last 20 years and his position in the company, It is incredible.
“He thinks about things so differently too. You may not think that about him – a lot of people may think he’s very vanilla or cut and dry – but man, he thinks about things so differently and he absolutely loves WWE. Just loves it, it is his passion.”

In other words, Seth Rollins is a Triple H guy and that is why he will probably sustain his position for years to come. Rollins respects Hunter so much, he envisions a match with him as somewhat of a personal dream match.

“I wouldn’t mind having a match with Triple H some day, a singles match,” said Rollins, 28.

“I know that’s interesting considering our current affiliation, but there doesn’t always have to be an element of hate involved there – it could be a competitive match.

[adinserter block=”2″]”He’s someone who is a measuring stick, he’s done a lot for me specifically and I’d just like to test the water at some point. I think it would be a really interesting match up.”

Rollins summed it up with the ultimate compliment, one I can’t recall hearing from a top guy since Dave Batista ascended up the cards.

“For me, he’s been an incredible mentor. You really can’t ask for a better mentor than himself.

Check out the entire interview where Seth sings more praise for his boss anmd talks about the WWE Performance Center at

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