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Seth Rollins Tweets from the Heart

Last week, Seth Rollins took upon himself to tweet about pro wrestling in general. In a three tweet series, Rollins wore his heart on his sleeve as he posted a heartfelt opinion on the direction and state of pro wrestling today. Honestly, he is right.

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“If you don’t love pro wrestling across the board and you’re not telling all your friends about it then you’re just missing out…because a generation that is almost lost is now running the game in all facets…It’s a beautiful thing to be at the forefront of and I…can’t help but feel like the best is yet to come. ‘We are the authors, the finishers of our fate..’”

Over the last couple of years, WWE has been making slow, subtle changes in the product. While many fans may not have noticed due to the booking, the transition has been a long time coming and it has now started to blossom with the new era that is taking shape. And don’t forget that NXT has some of the hottest talent right now, and it is a global attraction. WWE has also taken an interest back in cruiserweights, hence the Cruiserweight Classic and advertising a cruiserweight division on Raw.

Things are really looking good right now, and if WWE keeps the momentum going we are in for something special. Many of us have said time and time again that WWE has the best talent that they have had in years, and it is so true. It seems that WWE has bit on that fact and with the strong debut of Finn Balor on Raw last Monday; it spoke volumes for the future of WWE as a brand.

Since the draft, the new era has started and has been hot since; with two stellar Raw’s and SmackDown is gaining traction right behind them. The question on everyone’s mind is can WWE keep this going? The answer is yes, if they put their minds to it and keep consistent with their new direction. Fans have been begging, screaming and pleading for a new change, and it looks that we been had it, it just took some time for it to all come together for fans to see it.

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With NXT and the Cruiserweight Classic having a strong following and a strong showing, WWE is doing great things right now. That’s not even counting what other promotions are doing. Pro wrestling may very well be on the rise again. The slow incline has been going on, and we may just be in for a rollercoaster ride. While we will never see anything the heights of the Attitude Era, the fact that we are seeing change and seeing progress is enough to get fans excited about the new era.

Again, Rollins is right. It’s time to open up your minds and see what is really going on in the pro wrestling world. While it may not be perfect, there is always room for improvement. But the new era has had a great start so far, and let’s hope that it continues for WWE and those who are involved. Redesign, rebuild, and reclaim indeed.

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