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Seth Rollins’ Second WWE Run is White Hot

Seth Rollins has been on fire since his return at Extreme Rules almost two months ago. After his surprise return, he has been killing it in the ring and managed to score the WWE Championship for a second time even though it was extremely brief. He also finds himself in the middle of this Shield triple threat match that is taking place at Battleground later this month.

It’s safe to say that Rollins’ place in the main event scene is secure, especially after taking personal shots at Roman Reigns last week on Raw. Rollins’ newfound independence since returning has actually been a breath of fresh air, and for me his heel persona is much more appreciated. He didn’t need The Authority to begin with, and his position now proves that he can stand tall on his own.

While turning face is in the cards for Rollins fans, right now until we know for sure what Vince McMahon and Creative are going to do post Battleground has yet to be determined. Rollins is arguably the best heel on the roster right now since his return, and until there is a story that calls for him to turn face, then it should happen then. Turning him face now after the cards were dealt at Money in the Bank and beyond will do nothing for the Architect.

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That means everything is centered on Reigns due to his suspension. What happens when Reigns returns will no doubt be play a huge role in what happens from that point on. Until Reigns returns from suspension, Rollins and Ambrose will pull the weight of the story. Ambrose and Rollins are the perfect protagonist and antagonist; their history speaks for itself and will keep fans at bay. As much as I am feeling some type of way over Rollins’ tirades against Reigns, as a fan this is supposed to make me feel that way. I’m not in the majority in this case, but say if this was a different situation for someone else this could definitely rile fans up. You know it’s true.

Everyone has been talking about Reigns whether the controversy he’s in is a blessing in disguise or a kiss of death. Let me bring this up, how about with Reigns, Rollins’ role now is a blessing in disguise. Rollins is doing some of his best heel mic work right now, even though it is at Reigns’ expense. Rollins is angry at him, at Ambrose for taking the Championship from Rollins. He is finding out first hand that what goes around comes around with Ambrose.

So from either perspective, it puts him in an interesting position. In short, it gives him heat for Reigns fans, and gives him support from his own fans. It’s not the easiest of circumstances, but I’m trying to see it from the character stance here. I can see how either way can keep Rollins heel or when he makes an eventual babyface turn. Rollins getting the mixed reaction is most certainly what WWE isn’t going for. But for Rollins we can say it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

So for now, Rollins is just fine where he is. With the WWE Draft coming up, it may change the course for him. We shall see when July 19th rolls around. No one needs to worry about Rollins or his position. The architect has it covered.

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