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Seth Rollins Is the New Leader of the Dysfunctional Shield

If there is anyone out there in the WWE Universe who thought that Seth Rollins would be the one to leave The Shield and let Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose handle The Wyatts on their own, please step forward.

[adinserter block=”1″]While the rumor mill has been flooded with news of Reigns receiving a huge push to the World Title picture and the more than erratic behavior of Ambrose of late, it would have only made sense for the two Type-A personalities to clash at WrestleMania XXX in New Orleans with the United states Title on the line.

Heck, it still might happen. But Rollins walking out of a six-man tag match with The Wyatts was the fly in the ointment of the storyline this tag team, or alliance or stable or unholy trinity – whichever of the titles you would like to use – needed.

Just the idea of all six of these wrestlers in the right has proven to be worth the price of admission and the match they had at Elimination chamber would be worthy of “Match of the Year” and “Feud of the Year.” More importantly, it gives us all something to continually talk about – much in the same way we have done the same with Undertaker and CM Punk. Punk/Rock. Rock/Cena, and so on and so on.

But Rollins – who is the glue that has held the trio together since infighting has taken a turn for the better within the storyline of the group – has been more an afterthought as to who would get to keep the uber-exciting wrestler in the divorce between Reigns and Ambrose.

It appears now that Rollins may be calling the shots from now on – which in fact opens another door and turns another chapter in the storyline that was so hyped once the new year made its appearance on the 2014 calendar.

The rift between the two “other “ stars has been slow played by the WWE, which makes the emergence of Rollins the best thing that could happen, but it also may in fact hurt the feud with The Wyatts.

Looking at other storylines from the past, the loss of a partner or the disruption of momentum has not always been the best thing, eventually leading to a lost program, a failed feud and some really ticked off fans.

– The Russians vs. Dusty Rhodes and The road Warriors. The injuries to Magnum TA forced the feud to be put on hold and eventually scrapped. Nikita Koloff became a face and hurt his stock as well as the value of the matches between the two factions.

– The Freebirds disbanded when Terry Gordy went to the Orient and Michael Hayes decided he had enough of the battles with the Von Erichs. That led to Hayes turning to a true face and Buddy Roberts seeking revenge with the Samoa Swat Team.

– Demolition had a pretty good run as a triple-threat tag team in the WWE, but we actually much better with Just Ax and Smash.

– The Varsity Club was Steve Williams, Mike Rotundo and Rick Steiner was pretty good, but Williams was never a believable heel in this group.

It remains to be scene what happens with The Wyatts, The Shield and the shenanigans of Monday night? What does Rollins – who is in control of the situation right now – have to say and will Friday night become a one of question and answer, or will it become a night where the secrets of the third member will remain unrevealed?

This is too good a scenario for the WWE to let it just slide. Add to the fact WrestleMania is a little over a month away, and there is no slow play about it.

[adinserter block=”2″]Could this be a Triple Threat Match in the making, or is it a smoke screen that may just fall apart all together?

Only Rollins can tell us that.

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