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Seth Rollins, John Cena and Other WWE Thoughts

About two months ago when Seth Rollins walked out on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in a match on Raw, I made a comment to one of my friends that it would be Rollins who left the flock of The Shield first.

My friend (who shall remain nameless) laughed at me and told me I was well, let’s just say it wasn’t nice.

Guess who is laughing now? In a neat genius move by the WWE, Rollins finally made his move, replacing Batista in Evolution and shocking the wrestling world.

While we have been waiting for Roman Reigns to get his push toward coming the WWE Champion, it looks like it is now Rollins world, and we as fans are living in it on the edge of our seats. The company took chance, saying goodbye to a wrestler who could not win over the fans, and taking one of the best wrestlers to come along since Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

Now the company must use him effectively as a threat to the World Title and as a member of the Authority, not as much as a unit member of Evolution. Yes, Triple H, you won the game. The war is soon to follow.

I have always been partial to the work of the cruiserweights in professional wrestling. Tight work of Dean Malenko, the snap in his game of Eddie Gilbert and the aggression of Kevin Sullivan. Add the work of Eric Young, the precision of CM Punk and the craft of a Daniel Bryan and you have some of the best “smaller” wrestlers of this generation.

Someone like Rollins could be added to this list.

Rollins found his rightful place in the WWE and now is about to build on it.

Winning is not immune to Rollins as he has enjoyed success before he came to the WWE and quickly snatched the tag team titles with Reigns. He is a former FCW Florida Heavyweight Champion, FCW 15 Champion and FCW Florida Tag Team Champion with Richie Steamboat and is the first FCW Grand Slam Champion, the most decorated FCW star in its history. He first gained notoriety in Ring of Honor, where he is a former ROH World Champion.

Rollins reminds me of a smaller version of Chris Benoit. Quick as lightning and shows a snap in his work that I haven’t seen since Shawn Michaels. Now, the company needs to pass the torch on to Rollins and allow him to have a decent title run against Daniel Bryan upon Bryan’s return.

The WWE has a real chance for something special. How they choose to use him with Triple H as his “boss” puts a different twist on how the summer months and Evolution are used in booking.

Cena does it again
Leave it to John Cena to stick his nose where it does not belong. While the WWE gets kudos for making the Money in the Bank Ladder Match the fight for the WWE World Title should Daniel Bryan not be able to compete against Kane, the company made a huge mistake to insert John Cena into this program.

Cena should be one of the 12 competitors fighting for a right to wear the strap, but it looks like Cena is defending Bryan, something Bryan fought against with Cena before the two battled at SummerSlam. It would be interesting if Cena and Bryan would compete for the title again at SumerSlam and this time the Bella Twins would reside in opposite corners. Cat fights are pretty cool, especially when sisters are involved.

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