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Seth Rollins is an Undeniable WWE Obstacle for Jason Jordan

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One would have to argue that one of the main antagonists for the Raw brand has to be Jason Jordan. In a slow burn that is making fans despise him, Jordan jumps at every opportunity to get ahead on Raw at the expense of others. That is because with his (kayfabe) father Kurt Angle running Raw, Jordan knowingly takes full advantage of the situation that he found himself in just some months ago.

On the Christmas edition of Raw, Jordan found himself in a tag match with Seth Rollins. Much to Rollins’ reluctance, the pair would take out The Bar to capture the Tag Team Championship. While this was a curve ball in terms of storyline, perhaps it might do some good. With Dean Ambrose out of the picture for a number of months in addition to Jordan already previously meddling in Rollins’ business, the situation almost worked itself out. It is already suspected that Jordan will make the full heel turn and turn on his father as early as the road to WrestleMania. Until that happens, Jordan needs a side story to keep him busy, thus the unlikely alliance with Rollins.

It is evident that Jordan is primed for something monumental in 2018. If Jordan does end up wrestling Angle sometime in 2018, he must be ready with that huge responsibility. Rollins is the obstacle that Jordan must overcome en route to New Orleans or beyond, depending on how the storyline plays out. With the persona of the brat kid trying to get ahead, it is a matter of time before the dissension begins between Jordan and Rollins.

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The inevitable showdown between the Tag Team Champions will be one of the big stories playing out on Raw the next several weeks leading up to the Royal Rumble and maybe past that. It will be interesting to see how fans respond to the newfound alliance. Fans are already not receiving Jordan well, and the Philadelphia crowd will let him have it when he makes it out to the ring. If anything else, Jordan has the ire of many of the WWE faithful for when he does heel out.

We may not see it now, but this entire storyline from the summer to past WrestleMania will make or break Jordan. Our colleague Tom Clark has even made a comment to me that this might play out like what happened for The Rock twenty years earlier. That remains to be seen, but first fans will see what Jordan is really made of, if in fact Rollins will be his first singles feud. He has to prove that he can carry that responsibility with a huge storyline to his credit. Jordan also has the potential to become a breakout Superstar in 2018. Having Rollins as his counterpart for the time being will be an asset in the long run. Perhaps this is a test for Jordan to prove everyone wrong with the odds stacked against him.

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