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The Problem with the Seth Rollins Heel Turn

While we were still shocked at how it was played out, the fact that Seth Rollins has left the Shield should still not be a hug surprise to the WWE faithful. All great things in the WWE and the wrestling world have to come to an end. Even the original Freebirds parted ways – leaving Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts to fight it out with the Samoan Swat Team as part of the feud.

What is surprising to me, at least is the fact it was not Roman Reigns who the WWE sought to leave the flock. Reigns appeared to be the Chosen One of the group – big, thick, and talented and someone the WWE can use to build up in the image of his cousin –The Rock.

I am also a little shocked – as I have replayed Raw from the other night – that the tier system in the WWE is not the same as it used to be, leaving me to think while the plan for Rollins to run at Daniel Bryan in the future with the WWE Title on the line could be tremendous, it may not be what is best for the business Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have planned for the remainder of the year.

By giving the ball to Rollins and allowing him to run with it toward the top of the company food chain, the WWE is in essence squashing many of its superstars that should be receiving more push. I realize there is only one world title right now, but if there was ever a time for the company to celebrate two titles and have cross branding or individual branding – now would be the best time. Sometimes, great ideas come back to bit you on the ass, and it looks like this might have been the time due to Bryan’s injury.

And no, we do not need Superman in Shorts to come save us from the evil empire and save the day in the process.

The WWE may have put a wrap on the four superstars who were getting a huge push as of late in Wade Barrett, Cesaro, Sheamus and Bray Wyatt. Will either of these wrestlers jump back into the WWE World Title picture now that Rollins is the “Chosen One?” Can Randy Orton deal with the fact he may not get another title shot for some time and in the process, does that mean John Cena now jumps back into the title picture since we have learned about the unknown timetable for Daniel Bryan’s return?

I sure hope the WWE has thought this through as it is the shake-up the company needs and the jump that could make us all run to the stores and the arenas to wrap ourselves back in WWE merchandise.

But these are the questions that trouble me now about this move…

– What happens to Reigns and Dean Ambrose? Do they stay together or part and challenge each other or Rollins? I would love to see Ambrose and Rollins roll through the rest of the year. This could be Steamboat and Savage of another generation.

– Does Reigns immediately become the one to beat in the Money in the Bank Match? I would love to see all three of the former Shield members the last standing in the MITB match with the WWE World Title on the line.

– Will Cesaro be happy chasing a lower tier title when he may be the hottest wrestler in the company right now? Can he somehow chase Rollins with Triple H or Stephanie McMahon standing word for word with Paul Heyman?

– And how long before we watch Bray Wyatt become a fan favorite and challenge someone like Cesaro, Barrett or even Brock Lesnar?

I’m not saying the WWE must fall into place this week, but it makes sense to explore these possibilities. But until then, we can bask in the fact we knew this was coming, we just did not know how it would happen.

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