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Seth Rollins Dances With The Devil of the WWE

I do not believe what I just saw! For those of you who missed the end of Raw Monday night, Seth Rollins appears to have made a deal with the devil. The hand shake heard around the world – where Brock Lesnar looked on over a beaten John Cena as Rollins and Paul Heyman essentially sealed the fate of “Superman” at the Royal Rumble.

The Devil went down to St. Louis, looking for a soul to steal and he found one in the man considered the “Future of the WWE.”

While it appears to be a brilliant move, given that Triple H and The Authority is no longer around to save Rollins night in and night out and the idea of Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury providing muscle is about as laughable as John Cena and Big Show embracing in the middle of the ring. But the WWE now has a little more intrigue heading into the 2015.

The problem with this new potential power couple is Paul Heyman is a one-client type of guy. The attempts to give Heyman more wrestlers to work with such as Brock Lesnar and CM Punk (there goes that name again) and Lesnar with Swiss Superstar, Cesaro, left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth because the thought of Heyman sharing time with anyone else than the Beast looks like he is cheating on their relationship.

This time, there may be a scenario that works for everyone.

Lesnar’s contract runs out with the company right around the time of WrestleMania. The known secret in the company is Roman Reigns is the odds on favorite to win the Rumble and face Lesnar for the WWE World Title. That allows Lesnar to exit gracefully (and please, let this be the last time we see him) while Reigns and Armageddon begin in the WWE. Could a scenario like this happen?

Lesnar beats Cena at the Rumble. In the process, Reigns immediately comes to the ring and challenges Lesnar. While Lesnar is only a part-time wrestler and the war of words bounce back and forth between Reigns and Heyman, Rollins does Lesnar’s bidding and feuds with Reigns.

When WrestleMania is over, Reigns claims the title from Lesnar, but he is beaten to a pulp. Rollins comes in and wins the title by cashing in his MITB contract – thus setting off a long feud with Reigns where the WWE World Title is traded back and forth? It could happen – or at least I am dreaming of Nirvana.

Now that the Undertaker’s streak is over, the importance of Heyman and his “client” is the focal point of this program. The WWE needs Heyman’s act to help build the other half of the event. Reigns in the main event will more than make up one half.

It remains to be seen if the WWE can figure out how to make Heyman, Lesnar and Rollins all coexist.

There have been many an occasion where the dark side claimed a performer and it worked. Barry Windham joining the Horsemen. Manny Fernandez became a member in Paul Jones’ Army. “Dr. Death” Steve Williams joined he Varsity Club and Shawn Michaels turned on Marty Jannetty. Playing with the devil is a huge part of the “good vs. evil” concept of professional wrestling. While Rollins had already made the turn for home, joining the likes of Heyman means the turn has come full circle.

If anything else, the move Monday night got the wrestling world talking, and more than that – wondering. Those two components make me think this move might lead to huge and better things in the coming year. And once again, Heyman is the man behind it all.

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