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Can the Sequel beat the Original Monday Night War

Monday Night Wars I have to say since World Wrestling Entertainment bought World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling, wrestling has been a bit boring. Now I was 9 years old when WCW and ECW went out of business, and the only memories I have of the Monday Night Wars are of sneaking downstairs when I could not sleep and watching World Championship Wrestling or World Wrestling Federation.

Now compared to the late 90’s I know a whole lot more about pro wrestling then I did as and eight years old. I have expanded my knowledge of the wrestling industry and might I say I think we wrestling fans are in for a good ride.

[adinserter block=”1″] Now back on the fourth of January I was highly impressed with TNA Impact and the show and some of the old wrestlers coming back. I was excited to see Hogan in TNA since I’m a big fan of his, I know some people criticize him for some things he does as a promoter, authority figure and such, but I hope he can keep it clean. My favorite wrestler in TNA is AJ Styles and I was glad to notice that Ric Flair has seemed to make AJ another version of himself. TNA needs in my opinion to push the young talent and AJ is one of them. Now the problem I have with them is bringing in guy’s like the Nasty Boys, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman who I think can’t really draw interest anymore, unless it’s dealing with NWO part 3.

WWE has just been doing whatever like pushing guy’s like Triple H, John Cena and others for a while now and I’d like to see them push guys like Ted Dibiase, R-Truth, and Kofi Kingston to name a few. Depending what TNA does WWE will have to pick up their game. Pushing new stars like Dibiase, Kingston, Sheamus, and Truth are that they could possibly not be that big of a hit like John Cena, Randy Orton and others. I think what they are doing at the Elimination Chamber PPV by putting all three of those guys in a chamber match could possibly increase the prestige of the three. Kingston has feuded with Orton and I was impressed with Kingston’s ability to feud with Orton. Dibiase I believe will turn face very soon and feud with Orton also. R Truth to me is the question mark for a few reasons. First he’s about 35 years old I believe and I don’t know if WWE thinks of him anymore then a Mid-card talent, though he did eliminate the Big Show and Mark Henry in the rumble.

[adinserter block=”2″]TNA continues to bring in guys from WWE and/or past their prime. Guy’s like Mr. Anderson, Kurt Angle, and D’Angelo Dinero I’m fine with them being brought in because they all have GREAT mic skills. Wrestling ability is also up there. Look at what Angle has done with people like Desmond Wolfe, AJ Styles, and Samoa Joe.

Now in most cases the sequel is a lot of the time not as the great as the original. Some things that TNA will have to do are try to get the ratings up if they want to make this a true war. They will need to develop some new stars as does WWE. Creativity on TNA’S part could help, I know they have their own special matches and other things. I’d get a few more guys on creative to broaden ideas. I think they will get nowhere in this war unless they come up with some creative ideas. My opinion right now is that they will not win this war because they are just like WWE in a lot of ways.

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