SEC Football 2015: And The Tide Rolls On

Derrick Henry
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To quote Larry Munson. “The icy hand of death has reached in the stadium and ripped out our hearts”.

[adinserter block=”1″]The late great announcer for the Georgia Bulldogs got it right – even from the grave. The Alabama Crimson Tide came to Athens on Saturday on a mission to make a statement.

Don’t count this program out so early in the college football season.


It’s hard to argue that after the loss to Ole Miss earlier this year, the Crimson Tide program, which has been amongst the best, if not the past for over the past decade, was in a position it had not been since the days of Mike Shula. Alabama was about to become mediocre. Staring at head coach Nick Saban and his program was a Georgia Bulldogs team that looked every bit the part of the old Junkyard Dawgs coached by some guy named Vince Dooley. This version, coached by Mark Richt, was supposed to put an end to the glory of Alabama, at least for one college football season.

It did not go according to the script.

Because this is a website mainly dedicated to professional wrestling, I think it’s fair to say, by the end of the afternoon, the University of Georgia football program was. “Wearing a Crimson Mask.”

Quarterback Jacob Coker looked like Joe Namath. Derrick Henry looked like Earl Campbell and the Crimson Tide defense looked better than any unit the Baltimore Ravens were led by Ray Lewis.

This was supposed to be a knockout game. It became a statement game.

Don’t make Alabama an underdog and certainly do not write off the best coach in college football. Sorry, Urban Meyer, you haven’t attained that status just yet.

Its funny how the media and fans prepare each week for the “Game of the Century” and walk away from watching the game feeling like there it was more of a butt-whipping than a battle of gladiators.

Yes, it is still Alabama’s world and college football teams are living in it. From an afterthought in the FSU program to the starter this season in Tuscaloosa, Coker showed why he is a special talent. Henry, who I have followed since his days in high school down the road from my home, is as solid a runner as any in the college game today. And yes, the comparisons to Earl Campbell and Eric Dickerson are warranted.

The fact the television crew started talking in the first half about Georgia’s chances to win the SEC East and have a chance to possibly face Alabama again in the SEC Title game shows how early this game was over.

No one was going to beat Alabama on Saturday. I predicted a Bulldogs win (seems like I have been wrong a lot this week). But in the end, the program that has proven to be the SEC’s one juggernaut over and over again, did it again in rousing fashion.


[adinserter block=”2″]The offense moved the ball, the defense scored points and the special teams unit got in the act as well. A complete thrashing. It couldn’t have come at a better time for the Tide. College football is cyclical. Programs enjoy years of success and then have off seasons, droughts of losing seasons, failure to find their way to major bowl games. Alabama isn’t ready to fall into that category. And until they do, the Crimson Tide and Nick Saban will remain the darlings of the College Football Playoff. There are boosters and pro scouts who are licking their chops right now.

Alabama just proved it is still a powerhouse – and is still squarely in the thick of the national title picture.

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