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Scott Hall Wants You To Rebuild Him

Scott Hall is one of the most polarizing figures in pro wrestling. Hall is now 40+ days sober and is asking fans for donations to help pay for a new hip. Is this a case of a desperate man reaching out to his fans or another one of the many cons of Scott Hall’s life?

I sent out a couple of tweets about this topic over the weekend and quickly I wound up in the middle of a full tweet debate over whether or not Hall was in the right for asking fans to pay for a new hip. Camel Clutch Blog columnist Thomas Holzerman suggested that Vince McMahon should cover this expense. I on the other hand have seen enough of Scott Hall that his request for fan donations makes me downright disgusted.

[adinserter block=”1″]This whole idea of wrestlers asking fans for money to pay for medical expenses has never ended without controversy. I have written twice in the last six years about this whole idea of fleecing the fans and asked where the oversight was. The first time I received physical threats from the group I questioned and the second time I was threatened with a lawsuit. So to say that I am dubious of any of these wresting charity cases is probably an understatement at best.

Scott Hall is the newest charity case. A man who once signed contracts for seven figures is now playing on your sympathies for donations. Scott and his team have taken to and launched a fund raiser to help old Razor Ramon pay for a new hip.

“Scott’s longtime friend Diamond Dallas Page, together with the support of Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman, have come together to help Scott get healthy and find a purpose in life with his inspiring story of redemption.

Unfortunately, we didn’t know just how broken Scott’s body was. At the young age of 54, Scott has had a pacemaker, and difibrillator implanted for his heart, and he can barely walk due to extreme arthritis in his hip. Unless he gets a hip replacement, he will be unable to do the necessary exercise in order to get his health back. Without medical insurance, Scott’s inability to pay for the procedures he needs are a major hurdle to his physical recovery.”

If that isn’t enough to tug at your heart strings a picture of Scott looking older than ever in a wheelchair giving a thumbs up accompanies this pandering. To be fair Scott is offering items in return for your donations such as autographs, a Skype call, and even a chance to hang out with the Bad Guy, Jake Roberts, and DDP. Yet at the end of the day I just find this whole thing disgusting.

Here is the truth about Scott Hall. Scott Hall has struggled with addiction for years and those addictions are what cost Scott his millions, yes millions in money he made in pro wrestling. Hall is a wrestling icon for his part in the n.W.o. and would probably be under contract to the WWE or TNA today if it weren’t his constant screw ups, at minimum with a WWE Legends contract. Hall could also go out there and make money doing autograph signings and appearances if he wasn’t such a mess. I met Scott Hall and really liked him, but asking fans to pay for your surgery after you squandered millions of dollars is just absolutely disgusting!

Where is the oversight here? You are asking fans to donate money to a man that has been sober for a mere 40 days. Is anyone accounting that these funds be used for his surgery? Some of you like Tom will say that Vince McMahon should pay for it? What about the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the WWE have spent putting this man through countless rehabs? Who knows how much money the WWE had to dish out thanks to the “Plane Ride from Hell?”

I don’t want to see Scott Hall suffer. Again I met the man and interviewed him face to face for about three hours a few years ago. He couldn’t have been a nicer guy. But expecting me or any fan to pay for your surgery while you sit around all day practicing yoga is something that just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

At some point there has to be some accountability here and that is my biggest problem. Scott Hall has never had accountability. He screws up and someone else hands him another chance. Hall is fortunate enough to have enough celebrity that he could easily go out there and work for his surgery by doing the light labor of shaking hands, taking pictures, doing shoot interviews, or signing autographs. Instead he and his buddies are happy with Scott hanging out in his wheelchair as hard working fans pour their money into him.

[adinserter block=”2″]Shame on Scott Hall, DDP, Jake Roberts, and anyone else participating in this campaign. The fans deserve better than to be fleeced by a guy that has been arrested for numerous acts including punching his girlfriend, charged with second degree murder, keying cars, and allegedly fondling stewardesses on air planes.

Excuse me if I am a little skeptical.

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  1. People like u make this World the selfish sh%aty place that is…Scott Hall, Jake roberts, HBK and more professional in-ring performers, or wrestlers, put their body on the lines for the fans amusement…yeah, they receive money for that, but the injuries stay when the money has gone…and if they ask for help, its because they really need it and they dont have anyone else to ask( and im sure they arent proud of that), because a lot of shitheads think like U…You dont NEED to donate, so let help who wants to help…DDP deserves a medal for what he does…..

  2. He is up to $96727 with ten days of donations left. He may break 100k. This may be dangerou when other wrestlers see it. And i can almost garuntee that there are others watching. The kindness of fans will be abused big time. Next will be someone like rick flier. Then there will be another and another. I can promise you that jake roberts has already thought about doing it again and may even have kicked himself for not asking for more the first time. This kinda sucks a lot

  3. Dallas is the one who started the movement, it was the same movement that got started for Jake's shoulder surgery a while back during his first steps to recovery. Asking for help no matter what your status as a celebrity, much less fellow human being is ridiculing enough, much less needed by someone who has never worked in the business. You should have really gotten all of your facts straight before you post a negative blog about someone. I worked in the business for 10 years in the indys before my back gave out, I am also free from my alcoholic ways going on 10 years now, so I can relate to where Scott is coming from. And I know of the pressures and scenes that goes on behind the curtain to numb the pain.

    • You know what, all of you who disagree and you are entitled to it, let's see what happens now that he has his $80,000. I hope for anyone who donated he uses it for the hip and everyone gets their Skype calls.

  4. At the end of the day……YOU are responsible for your own actions. Admiting you need help and cant do it alone is also a big step for a man. I just feel that Hall, and only Hall is responsible for the drugs/arrests……..but not his injury’s. I have no gripe with him asking fans for help, as long as the money isnt going up his nose. my 2cents

  5. 40 days of sobriety is a HUGE step! I checked out Scott's fundraiser. People do get something for their money. I am sure that Scott reads this stuff. there is nothing worse than somebody that goes on a rant like this is bound to be detrimental to his recovery. It is humbling for a man to ask for help. But that is the measure of a man… to know when he needs help and surround himself with people that are determined to help him reach his goals. Scott has screwed up…a lot. but there are obviously people that still believe in him and hope for a better quality of life for him. They may end up dissapointed, or they may see him recover.

  6. If everyone had your attitude, Scott Hall would be dead within a few years.

    He's trying to better himself despite his past failings… if you truly believe he should just give up and die for his sins, then that's your opinion I suppose.

    Scott has proven that he cannot do this on his own, 10+ times in rehab. Shame on DDP for trying to help his friend? What on earth does DDP have to be ashamed of again? Trying to raise money for Scott's hip surgery? Correct me if I'm wrong, but selling tshirts and DVDs isn't quite the same as begging.

    You clearly don't have any sympathy for someone who's mom and dad were drunks – and you put the blame fully on Scott himself for his mistakes. I am assuming you must live a perfect life based upon your tone. I'm willing to bet that anyone who's parents were alcoholics had the odds stacked against them from the beginning.

    You are assuming that it's Scott who's asking for money. He's stated he doesn't want to ask anyone from help… but I think this time his friends are trying to get him to accept it. Disgusting? That's what I call so-called wrestling fans who speculate and choose to think the worst of people who are only trying to help others or help themselves.

    It's your choice to criticize and root against these guys, but I believe what they are doing just may help other people if they can pull it off.

    • First I want to thank you for writing such a long, though out response. Appreciate your time.

      My life is not up for debate here. It is a bit ignorant of you to make any presumptions about it. I am not the one asking for money so my life story is irrelevant.

      I don't know how it is helping anyone besides Scott Hall. Scott posed for the picture, is signing the autographs, and a part of the campaign. How could you say he is not asking for the money?


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