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SBTV Founder Jamal Edwards MBE Died at 31

The cases of young deaths among the population have been increasing exponentially. Many youngsters in their early 20s and 30s die without any convincing cause behind it. One such death was also reported on 21st February 2022 by Jamal Edwards. British Media company SBTV’s founder Jamal Edwards MBE passed away at the young age of 31 years old.

Apart from being the founder, Jamal was also a British entrepreneur, DJ. He was also known for receiving an MBE for his contributions to music in 2014. The news of Jamal’s death was confirmed by his family members to a news channel. However, the cause behind Jamal’s sudden demise is still not confirmed but a cardiac arrest is a probable doubt.

Jamal has helped launch the careers of several artists, including Dave, Jessie J, and Ed Sheeran since he began shooting videos of local rappers and pals at the age of 15. His YouTube site, originally known as Smokey Barz TV, set the gold standard for online music platforms in the UK. It also introduced grime and UK rap to massive audiences.

Jamal’s desire for creativity lasted far beyond SBTV, as an innovator and tireless entrepreneur. 8BARS, a new smartphone app aimed to democratize confrontations and bring the immediacy of face-to-face MCing to the internet world, was his most recent effort.

Away from work, Jamal was a zealous advocate for mental health awareness, tirelessly lobbying on the subject. He worked on a campaign to raise awareness of the surge in suicide rates among men with Response, a Thames Valley-based group that provides help to people with mental illnesses and their carers, as recently as November. Hence, suicide as a reason for Jamal’s death is a far cry.

Tributes Poured for Jamal

This unfortunate incident has left the whole of the British music industry in utmost pain and grief. As soon as the news was confirmed tributes and condolences poured all over Twitter for Jamal. Fans deeply regretted the death of their favorite DJ and expressed their sadness. People also wished strength to the family members of the entrepreneur. Apart from fans, various notable people and celebrities paid their last rites to Jamal.

American rapper Wizzy Wayne wrote on Twitter “Rest in power Jamal Edwards my bro real legend in the game he just wanted to see us all win prayers out to his family and friends.” On the other hand, Santan wrote “Thank you for everything, words can’t explain”.

Creative music executive Despa Robinson too expressed his grief. He wrote on Twitter ” In my early Despacam days, I used to communicate to this 15-year-old boy on MSN and we would trade notes on cameras. Jamal Edwards, that youngster, went on to become a legend. He left the entrance open, and thousands of people rushed through it. Thank you very much, Jamal. Unquantifiable consequences.”

Several other notable people like Tally, Big Zuu, Logan Sama, Big Novelist, etc too paid their tribute to Jamal.



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