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WWE Satan’s Prison – The Anthology of the Elimination Chamber DVD Review

Since its debut at the 2002 Survivor Series, the WWE Elimination Chamber is one of the most brutal matches in WWE history, and one of my favorite matches today. Six souls enter the chamber and one walks out victorious, 9 out of the 11 Chamber matches, with a World Championship.

I wanted to pick the 3-disc WWE: Satan’s Prison – The Anthology of the Elimination Chamber DVD up because I love the Elimination Chamber matches, and I wanted to reduce my DVD collection. Couple of weeks ago, on the Still Real To Us podcast, I emailed Jeff Peck and Eric Gargiulo and announced to the world that I have pushing 200 wrestling DVD’s, and I normally collect them because of one match. That also included the Elimination Chamber PPV’s that I had. So when I was walking up and down the local Wal-Mart that I live by and saw this DVD, it was a must-buy, for I can start cutting back on my DVD’s (and even VHS’s too!). In this review, I’ll break down each Chamber and give some short thoughts on each match and how they introduced each match.

World’s Most Famous Chamber/Elimination Chamber match…Survivor Series 2002

The very first Elimination Chamber match, where Shawn Michaels won the World Heavyweight Championship from Triple H. This match also saw Chris Jericho (the absolute best in the world at what he does today), Booker T (former TNA Global Champion), Kane (current World Heavyweight Champion), and Rob Van Dam (current TNA World Heavyweight Champion). Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler was the announce team for this match, the main event match at Survivor Series, in New York City, at Madison Square Garden.

This is one of my favorite matches. Partly because Shawn Michaels won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and partly Chris Jericho was in the match. I think this was a good match and a match I suggest people to watch. With my friends who started to watch wrestling in the past two years, I always suggest this match to them for they can see how the Elimination Chamber has evolved.

The Comeback Kid/Elimination Chamber match…SummerSlam 2003

This Chamber we saw World Heavyweight Champion Triple H defend his title and retained it against Goldberg, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Kevin Nash. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels start the match for this Chamber match. For this Chamber, the intervals of the guys coming of their Chambers are three minutes. I don’t like that; it makes the match too short in my opinion.

One of the most shocking eliminations was Michaels Sweet Chin Musicing Kevin Nash and Chris Jericho pinning him. With Nash and Michaels being the best of friends (at least in years prior to this), this came to a surprise to me. After this elimination, Nash Jackknife Powerbomed Jericho and Orton.

Another moment that is known with this Chamber match was Goldberg spearing Jericho through one of the inner pods. But the shocking moment was Triple H retaining the title in this match. That came to a surprise to me when I watched this match when it was originally aired back in 2003.

Evolution of the Chamber/Elimination Chamber match…New Year’s Revolution 2005

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This WWE Elimination Chamber saw for the first time, the World Heavyweight Championship was vacant. Triple H, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Randy Orton, Batista, and Edge all competed for the vacant gold in this match. For this match, Shawn Michaels was the Special Guest Ref. That was nice, because he competed in the previous two Elimination Chambers and won the first one, so he has the experience.

Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit started the Elimination Chamber match this go-around. Only high-lights that I took notes on from this match was Michaels Sweet Chin Musiced Edge after Edge speared ref HBK, then Jericho Lionsaulted Edge and pinned him.

WWE: Satan’s Prison- The Anthology of the Elimination Chamber DVD

At the end, Triple H won and recaptured the World title. I thought this match was a little bit longer, and was more boring than the other two Chambers.

Rules of Engagement/Elimination Chamber match…New Year’s Revolution 2006

For the first time in Chamber history, the WWE title was defended in this Chamber. WWE Champion John Cena, Carlito, Chris Masters, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, and Kane (one-half of the World Tag Team Champions and current World Heavyweight Champion) competed in this match. Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler, and the Coach were at the commentator’s booth for this match.

Michaels and Cena started the match. There were loud “Cena Sucks” chants at the start of the match. That made me smile, because we all know I’ve never been on the Cena Train. HBK is busted wide open during the match, and that’s something we won’t see anymore. Well, Shawn Michaels, and people being busted wide open anymore.

The last three guys in the match were Masters, Carlito, and Cena. When Masters had Cena in the Master Lock Full Nelson, Carlito gave Masters a low blow and rolled him up for the pin, and then Cena rolled up Carlito in the same school boy and won the Elimination Chamber match. After the match, Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank Contract and became the WWE Champion for his first time.

The Champ is Here/Extreme Elimination Chamber match…ECW December to Dismember 2006

The first time and only time in Chamber history was this a Extreme Elimination Chamber and for the ECW title, where there were weapons inside the personal pods. The defending ECW World Heavyweight Champion the Big Show, Hardcore Holly, CM Punk, Test, Rob Van Dam, and Bobby Lashley were all in this match.

To be dead honest, I thought this match was kinda boring and totally bull. I was pissed off and still am that Big Show jobbed out to Lashley within minutes of being let out of the Chamber. Enough of this Chamber. Sorry.

Deadman’s Playground/Elimination Chamber match…WWE No Way Out 2008

The winner of this Elimination Chamber got a championship match against the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania XXIV. Michael Cole and the Coach are at the announcer’s table for this bout. The United States Champion MVP, ECW’s Big Daddy V (1995 King of the Ring winner), the Great Khali (former World Heavyweight Champ), Finlay (former WCW Television Champ), Batista, and the Undertaker all were locked inside together. I guess if you add up all the weights of the men in this match-up, their weight adds up to over a ton, according to Michael Cole. Batista got a two-count on the Undertaker before the third entrant entered.

The Undertaker got knocked out of the Chamber, via Big Daddy V and a headbutt, and the ref’s ushered the Dead Man back in to continue the match. The Great Khali got the “You Can’t Wrestle” chant from the crowd when he was hitting the Undertaker with elbows in the corner. The Undertaker put Khali in the Hell’s Gate and caused him to tap out.

At the end, Batista hit the Undertaker with the Batista Bomb, only got the two-count. Undertaker hit the Last Ride and only got a two. Undertaker wins with a Tombstone Piledriver! Decent Elimination Chamber, enjoyed the ending more than the rest of the match, but not my favorite Elimination Chamber. I think Batista and the Undertaker did a awesome job going coast-to-coast in the match, being the first two men starting the match and being the last two men ending the match.

Double Feature/Elimination Chamber match…WWE No Way Out 2008

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The winner of this WWE Elimination Chamber is similar to the other Chamber match from the same card; the winner gets a championship match with the WWE Champion at WrestleMania XXIV. Triple H (winner of many Elimination Chamber’s before, for JR, he won numbers 2 and 3), the late Umaga, John “Bradshaw” Layfield (my favorite wrestler!), Jeff Hardy (current TNA wrestler and Intercontinental Champion at this time), Chris Jericho (another one of my favorite wrestlers!), and Shawn Michaels (my favorite wrestlers since 1995!) are the guys in this Chamber match. Jericho and Michaels start out the match; second time they started the Chamber match together—first time was the second Elimination Chamber back in 2003.

With Jericho and Michaels starting the match, it was really fast paced and really nice, a different change from the previous Chambers. When Umaga came in as number three, he had both Y2J and HBK on his shoulders and he double Samoan Dropped them. That was pretty sweet. JR and the King were pretty excited from that move too, as were the fans. Jericho put the Walls of Jericho on Umaga and HBK put on the Crossface on him. JBL is the fourth entrant and he took out HBK and Y2J.

Y2J eliminated JBL with a Code Breaker when JBL hit HHH with the Closeline from Hell when HHH was trying to hit the Pedigree onto Y2J. JBL then grabbed two steel chairs and laid out Jericho, Michaels, and Umaga with the chairs. I’m totally into the match!

A Sweet Chin Music, a Code Breaker, a Pedigree, and a Swanton Bomb off the pod Umaga got eliminated, than Jericho got Sweet Chin Music’ed by HBK and got eliminated. Triple H then Pedigreed Michaels and eliminated him, all within, probably a minute, from Umaga getting eliminated, to HBK being eliminated. Pretty sweet. Then after a Pedigree onto a steel chair introduced by JBL earlier in the match, Triple H won this Elimination Chamber. This Chamber match, and the first Chamber, up to this point, are probably my favorite Elimination Chamber matches.

Satan’s Structure/Elimination Chamber…WWE No Way Out 2009

The Undertaker, the Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov, Triple H, Jeff Hardy, and WWE Champion Edge were all in this Chamber to fight for the WWE Championship. Jim Ross and Tazz were at the announcer’s table for this match-up. Within three minutes into the match, Jeff Hardy pinned Edge with a inside cradle and we were guaranteed a new WWE Champion!

The Big Show splashed Triple H into the chain outside the ring. If there really wasn’t any selling in the Chamber and if Big Show really hit the full splash, that would hurt, a lot. I don’t know if it’s because I was on a high from the last Elimination Chamber, but I’m not really in this Elimination Chamber. The Undertaker gave Vladimir Kozlov the Last Ride and eliminated him.

After the Superplex from the Undertaker to the Big Show, Pedigree from Triple H, and a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy from the inner pod, he got eliminated, and I’m finally getting into the match. Triple H and the Undertaker are the last two guys in this match. I feel that these two men had brought the interest level back into the match. It would be cool seeing these two men face each other at WrestleMania again. Triple H countered the Last Ride and hit the Pedigree for who knows how many times and won the WWE title for his thirteenth World Championship.

Time to Play the Game/Elimination Chamber…No Way Out 2009

For the ninth Elimination Chamber, John Cena (at that time the current World Heavyweight Champion), Mike Knox (and his beard-I really love his beard!), Kane (current World Heavyweight Champion), Edge (who attacked Kofi Kingston on his way to the ring and took his spot), Rey Mysterio, and Chris Jericho (who makes me smile) are in the match to compete for the title. Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler are at the announcer’s table for this match.

Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio started the match. It seems like most of the Elimination Chamber’s Chris Jericho’s in, he starts them off. I really don’t like that too much. But at least he and Mysterio make great matches and feuds. Rey Mysterio was darted into the inner pod by Jericho, which made me chuckle.

Kane’s the first guy out of the inner chamber. Kane is going after both Jericho and Mysterio. Michael Cole told us that this is Jericho’s sixth Elimination Chamber. Kane was eliminated by Mysterio when he jumped off the inner pod with a seated senton. Mike Knox and his beard were eliminated by a Code Breaker and Chris Jericho.

Right when Edge was let out of his pod, Mysterio attacked him. What a way to join the match. When Cena was in, he got hit by Jericho with a Code Breaker, 619 by Mysterio, and a Spear by Edge, and got eliminated.

I feel like this is a pretty good Elimination Chamber, I’ve been entertained from start to finish of this one. Edge pulls up the upset and loses the WWE Championship at the start of the No Way Out 2009 pay-per-view and won the World Heavyweight Championship at the end of the No Way Out 2009. I feel Edge’s facial expressions after winning the Chamber match and the announcers did an awesome job on selling this victory, with Edge being a SmackDown superstar and winning Raw’s World title.

Ultimate Opportunist/Elimination Chamber…WWE Elimination Chamber 2010

John Cena, Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton, Triple H (his 6th Chamber match-up to this time, he’s 5-1 inside the Chamber), Kofi Kintston, and the WWE Champion, Sheamus, fought for the WWE Championship in this Elimination Chamber. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker are on the announcer’s booth. Three men of the six are Chamber rookies when this match happened. Triple H enters the match number three. Triple H and Sheamus battled right away when HHH entered the Chamber.

Kofi did the Boom Drop over the top rope onto Triple H on the outside steel floor. Ted DiBiase came out number four. Ted DiBiase put the Boston Crab on Kofi outside the ring and Orton was kicking Kofi while his head was through the Chamber’s wall. Orton did the Draping DDT to HHH outside the ring to the steel floor.

Orton and DiBiase attack Cena right when his pod was opened. Cena gave the Attitude Adjustment to DiBiase from inside the ring to the outside. Cody Rhodes gave Ted a pipe and he hit Orton when Cena was gonna give him the Attitude Adjustment and then hit Cena with it, and pinned Orton and eliminated him. Triple H gave Sheamus a low blow when he had Cena in the Razor’s Edge and pedigreed him and eliminated him. How sad.

Triple H tapped out to Cena and the STF. Granted I don’t like Triple H, but I would rather see him walk out as champ instead of Cena. At least the title reign of Cena didn’t last long, right? Go Batista and Mr. McMahon. Funny thing is: this is the second time this happened to Cena. In 2006 against Edge when he chased in his Money in the Bank contract, and this time, when Batista “made a deal” with the boss. I miss Batista and his spotlight! Michael Cole said something along the lines of this wasn’t fair to Cena because he compeated in a 45 minute match. That’s crap. It was 30 minutes, and Cena wasn’t in that long, he was the last one who came out of his pod! Thank you Batista for being McMahon’s right-hand man, because I hate when Cena’s the World Champ!

Welcome to the Jungle/Elimination Chamber…Elimination Chamber 2010

The last Elimination Chamber so far, it has Rey Mysterio, John Morrison, Chris Jericho (this is his 6th Chamber, he won his first World title in where they had this PPV), the Undertaker (then World Heavyweight Champion), CM Punk, and R-Truth are in this match. CM Punk and R-Truth start the match. Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and Matt Striker are at the announcers table for this match.

Mysterio was long-darted into his own pod by Punk. Second Chamber that happened to Mysterio. Shortly after, Mysterio gave Punk a hurricranna to the outside from the top rope and hit the springboard dive and eliminated him. Jericho is the second guy from his pod.

To be honest, I really like this Chamber, because it’s different from the other ones. The first two eliminations happened before the first two guys got let out of their pods (so within ten minutes of the match), because most of the other Chambers, three or four guys get eliminated within ten minutes and the ending starts and finishes quickly.

Morrison eliminates Mysterio with a Starship Pain. That surprises me. I’m impressed how Morrison looked inside the Chamber. Poor Jericho, second time he had someone in the Walls of Jericho and someone new got let into the match (he had Mysterio in the Walls as well when Morrison got let in).

Chris Jericho also tried to lock himself in one of the pod’s, which put a smile on my face! John Morrision got chokeslammed on the floor outside and pulled back in the ring and got pinned by the World Heavyweight Champ. Business is about to pick up!

Jericho gave the Dead Man a superplex. A tad later, Jericho put the Walls of Jericho on the Undertaker, but Taker countered and put the Hell’s Gate on, but Jericho was able to slid out and get out of the ring. Than the Undertaker sat up, and got a pop from the crowd.

CODE BREAKER!!! I’m super excited for this and ONLY A TWO COUNT! I know how the finish of the match goes, but still!

LAST RIDE and “Vintage Undertaker” were uttered by Michael Cole! Shawn Michaels popped up one of the floors and knocked out the Dead Man with the Sweet Chin Music! Jericho covered him for the pin and grabed the belt and left right away, seeming confused on why HBK entered and screwed the Undertaker the match. Probably the third of three favorite Chamber matches that I love.

Chamber of Horrors

The last chapter. I thought it should be mentioned. That’s all.

Conclusion/Philosophical Stance

I really enjoyed watching through the Elimination Chamber matches, partly because I haven’t watched all of them, and I wanted to give an in-depth review of the DVD for the site. This review became longer than I expected because I didn’t think I would have this many thoughts and notes to take down while watching the DVD. I highly suggest going out and buying this three disc set (if not ordering if on

I think Todd Grisham did a good job on hosting the DVD. I really enjoyed the DVD. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, until next time.

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  3. Wasn't he a world champ in both WCW and the WWE? You seemed to be going for biggest achievement in a career, so it seemed odd you mention his second tier TNA title instead of those.

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