Sasha Banks, Big Cass, and More WWE Thoughts

Sasha Banks

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Sasha Banks once again is relevant on Monday Night Raw.

I thought what the creative team did with the five women who could challenge Alexa Bliss for the Raw Women’s Title at the Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view was as good a segment as this division has had in some time. And the story told about the growing momentum of Nia Jax is solid, but it shows the company hasn’t put its eggs in her basket yet as the “it girl” who will become the most dominant star on the red team’s roster.

Hopefully that changes after SummerSlam.

Monday Night Raw ended with Banks being confronted by Bliss and “The Boss” standing tall with the title raised in the air. Banks, who had fallen down a rung or two (or three) in the pecking order, is the right choice to face Bliss in Dallas. This is a storyline that fans can get behind.

This is a feud that shouldn’t disappoint.

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WWE needed a segment like this to compete with the drama and surge the women on Tuesday nights are enjoying. While Jax is being brought along at a slow pace – similar to Braun Strowman, it remains to be seen when she will touch gold. Banks, if anything, is a safe pick. She has been champion before. She matches up well with Bliss. And if there is a chance that she renews her rivalry with Bayley, this was the road the company must travel.

I wonder how Jax is booked now that Banks and Bliss are scheduled to meet with the title on the line. Furthermore, how will WWE book Bayley, Emma, Mickie James and Dana Brooke moving forward?

Big Move For Big Cass

Having Big Cass turn on Enzo Amore has been a story waiting to happen. The build, despite the crappy angle with Corey Graves last week, has been reminiscent of wrestling angles of the past. What happens with the 7-foot giant is now a mystery.

WWE cannot expect Enzo and Cass to feud and for it to be well-received. Does Big Show get involved in this angle? Does he defend Amore, while helping to put Cass over? Does WWE have other plans for Cass, which might include a run toward the Intercontinental Title?

Cass is still fairly green. He needs more work on the microphone and he is still robotic in the ring. I would hate for him to be seen as a knockoff of someone like Test or a poor man’s Kevin Nash. The best I can see for him right now is a different version of Matt Morgan. Like Morgan, Cass may never see a world title in his future.

WWE has a lot of potential in turning Cass heel. But if he is going to move toward the main event, it has to build him as a giant, much like it has with Strowman and Roman Reigns. Having Cass face Reigns down the line might not be a bad idea, either.

Another World Title For The Rhodes Family

To put things into perspective, the last time a member of the Rhodes family won a world wrestling championship, I was in high school. Now that Cody Rhodes has defeated Christopher Daniels to claim the ROH World Title, the second-generation wrestler will prove he’s every bit worthy of such distinction.

The victory by Rhodes is a slap in the face of WWE – the company didn’t know how to properly use him effectively. Having spent time in TNA, Japan and now ROH, Rhodes has become the star envisioned of him when he first broke into the business.

While I would have liked Daniels to have a longer run with the title, the changing of the guard to the Rhodes Era is the culmination of a long path traveled. And much like AJ Styles, Rhodes will only get better as he works with the ROH title around his waist.

It also makes you wonder if WWE will see the error of its way and seek to re-sign the son of the son of a plumber in the future.

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