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Damien Sandow’s fall, Reigns Rumbles and Other WWE Thoughts

It is now official – sadly Damien Sandow has become the laughingstock of the WWE. He has become the jobber of all jobbers. He has become the classic impersonator and he is creating a following like Barry Horowitz, but he is certainly not in the same league as the legend. The case of Sandow is one of sadness as last year, he was challenging John Cena for the World Heavyweight Title a year ago and that his battle with Cody Rhodes was epic and short lived.

[adinserter block=”1″]This is just proof of two things. The WWE is destroying Sandow’s career, and there are too many superstars on the roster so someone has to fall toward the bottom rung.

What you see is what you get with Sandow – when he is truly wrestling. A technical mat man who reminds me a little of Nick Bockwinkle and Lanny Poffo rolled into one. The WWE could not find a true place for the character and has disposed of him like he was trash. The tag team combination of Sandow and Cody Rhodes was a masterpiece, but the WWE changed courses, had Cody become a face and now, he is Stardust, teaming with his brother Goldust. Just proof that a little ingenuity goes a long way.

While it appears the company continues to give Dolph Ziggler opportunities to claim the mid card ladder, here is hoping the WWE does the same thing with this extreme talent.

Ruling Reigns
If the WWE does what I think it is going to do, I am not watching anymore. JUST KIDDING.

Was that a streak of evil we saw in the eye of Roman Reigns on Monday night? Could it be the WWE’s future meal ticket could be walking a thin white line? Does this mean John Cena’s title reign (no pun intended) will stop at 15?

Reigns was all the rage on Raw, and when he and Cena butted heads, there was a great amount of support for the former member of The Shield, but replay of the tape shows there may be more to it than just a snarl or two.

The idea of Reigns becoming a heel again is not as farfetched as thought. And Cena vs. Reigns is the perfect way of changing the guard like Rock/Hogan and Rock/Cena before them.

What worries me more than anything is the company is willing to potentially do this so quickly after Seth Rollins joined the Authority and Dean Ambrose is gaining his footing as a singles star.

And just a thought – does this mean at some point soon Bray Wyatt becomes a face star the flocks of fans will embrace on the other side?

Where’s Lesnar?
Everyone is waiting for the one man who is part of the one as in the one in 21-1 who defeated the one man who looked invincible. Not bad, if I say so myself.

If the WWE is going to add Brock Lesnar to the SummerSlam countdown, look for him at Battleground or the Monday after. I suspect he will be Plan B – the other plan in Triple H’s idea to rid the company of both John Cena and Daniel Bryan before him.

[adinserter block=”2″]Let’s bet bank on this one. The only question is whether he turns on Paul Heyman, makes Heyman a part of this angle, fights with Cesaro along the way and after, or does he betray both in the Heyman party. My hope is he comes back and continues his alliance with Heyman, leaving Cesaro to turn face.

Hey we can all dream, can’t we?

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