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Samoa Joe’s Debut and Impact on WWE Monday Night Raw

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After what seemed like an eternity, Samoa Joe made his long awaited Monday Night Raw debut this week as Triple H’s latest NXT prodigy. He shocked the WWE Universe when they expected to see Seth Rollins finally confront Triple H in the ring, but instead were given a massive beat down from the two time NXT champion.

Seth Rollins has been teasing a feud with The Game since he lost the fatal four-way universal title match to Kevin Owens back in August. After many shows where Rollins is seen searching for Triple H backstage or arguing with Stephanie McMahon about his whereabouts, he took matters into his own hands.

Rollins showed up unannounced at NXT Takeover during Royal Rumble weekend and demanded Triple H confront him in the ring. Instead, he was met with WWE security doing their best to escort him out of the arena. After being absent the entire Royal Rumble PPV, the announcement was made that Rollins and Stephanie McMahon would be face to face to discuss his actions at NXT Takeover. After cutting a great face promo, Rollins was told Triple H was on his way to Raw tonight.

Once The Game made his way to the ring during the main event of Raw, he delivered excellent mic work on how Rollins continued to let him down and his knee collapsed under the pressure of failing Triple H. Once Rollins heard enough, he ran down the ramp expecting to finally confront his once mentor.

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All of the sudden, he received a shove from the side and roars from the crowd exploded across the arena. Samoa Joe was giving Rollins the beating he was hoping to give Triple H. Rollins could only lie lifeless as the debuting superstar stood next to the man he once looked up to.

So what does this mean for Monday Night Raw? Since Rollins reinjured his knee at the hands of Joe, it is unclear how much time he could miss but it essentially ends any feud with Triple H or Samoa Joe. With the impact Joe left at the end of last Monday’s Raw, it is crucial he stay close to the main event picture.

Universal Champion Kevin Owens just ending his feud with Roman Reigns is ready for a new opponent to challenge for his belt and Joe is a big enough name to entice the WWE Universe. With Triple H handpicking both Owens and Joe in some fashion, it makes for an interesting feud to see who is the better prodigy. The only problem with this scenario is that both men work as heels and we don’t see those types of feuds often.

Raw has a limited number of main event superstars since they heavily rely on appearances from Goldberg and Brock Lesnar every other week to carry their ratings. It makes sense for WWE to bring him up through Raw and give them another monster heel to push to the top. However, the only top face left on the roster over with the WWE Universe is Sami Zayn and he is currently booked for a United States Championship feud with Chris Jericho. If that feud ended quickly, they could book Zayn and Joe for an epic bout at Wrestlemania.

The only other option WWE has at this time with Joe is to move him to Smackdown Live. With John Cena winning his record tying 16th world title, he needs a new opponent to challenge him for the WWE Championship. Over the past several years, Cena has elevated the talent of new superstars Kevin Owens and AJ Styles. Although it is unlikely for Joe to switch brands so quickly, it is tough to deny how much the crowd would love to see John Cena vs Samoa Joe on the grandest stage of them all.

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