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Samoa Joe Earmarked for WWE Main Roster, Finn Balor Not

The WWE main-roster is due to get a big addition after WrestleMania 32. A new report suggests that the WWE will fill the talent void with one of the most popular stars of NXT while leaving another star behind to be the face of the brand.

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Dave Meltzer has a brand new report on a recent podcast about future WWE talent plans. According to Meltzer, NXT standout Samoa Joe has been earmarked for the main roster. The move is bound to make any hardcore fans and Joe followers very happy.

The move is a bit of a surprise, pleasant albeit, in that Joe was reportedly never considered for the main roster upon signing with the company last year. Most reports pegged Joe exclusively for NXT, helping strengthen the touring business of the brand as well as help round out some of the more inexperienced talents before they were called up. The move appears to be a shift in plans.

If you would have predicted a year ago at this time that the main WWE roster in 2016 would include Samoa Joe, A.J. Styles, and Kevin Owens (Steen) I think you would have been laughed out of the room. There is obviously a shift in mentality here, for the better, in bringing in some of these guys that were generally off of their radar up to this point. Whether it is the success of NXT or the injury bug that has precipitated the change in mentality, it doesn’t matter. This is great news all around.

Joe will likely be called up to the main roster following WrestleMania 32. Joe will be challenging Finn Balor for the NXT title during NXT’s Takeover special on WrestleMania weekend. Meltzer speculates that this will probably be Joe’s final match, although he wouldn’t confirm that. Joe has already put over Balor so the match is a little odd considering the latest news.

Meltzer also reported that there are no plans to bring Finn Balor to the main roster. This has to be disappointing to those that were hoping to see some kind of Balor Club faction with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows on the main roster. Meltzer reports that the plan is to keep Balor in NXT and promote him as the face of the brand.

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Keeping Balor down in NXT is an interesting move. The one question I ask is exactly what the objective is of NXT? If it is the developmental territory it has been promoted to be, keeping Balor down there makes very little sense to me. He is obviously ready for the main roster, plus he is keeping a potential call-up from getting the experience of that top spot.

Regardless, when you look at what the WWE main roster could look like by SummerSlam you have to get excited. You will have Styles, Joe, Owens, along with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and maybe Daniel Bryan all in the mix. As a fan, it doesn’t get much more exciting than that.

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